Mai Tai :: Signature Cocktail from Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

Summer may well and truly be over (can you believe it’s Halloween tomorrow?) but if you want to keep the good times rolling even as the temperatures drop, you can’t beat today’s signature cocktail, a classic Mai Tai. For a modern spin, try slapping a mint sprig – this helps bring out the flavor – and decorating the top of your cocktail with it, as well as an edible orchid!

Directions & Ingredients

– 1 oz. fresh lime juice
– 0.5 oz. orgeat syrup
– 0.25 oz. simple syrup
– 0.5 oz. orange curacao
– 2 oz. aged rum

Place all ingredients into an empty mixing glass, top with ice, and seal with mixing tin. Shake and strain into a double old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprig and edible orchid.


Vendor Credits

Illustration: Sarah Jesup / Recipe: Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

Paula LeDuc Fine Catering is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor.

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