Indre & Regimantas | Simple Wedding in Lithuania

Is it just me, or is there’s something about these photos that makes them seem like images you might come across in an old family photo album? Maybe it’s that they were shot entirely on medium format film, or the bride and groom’s low-key vintage style…*

Indre and Regimantas were married last summer at the Vilnius University botanical garden in Lithuania: “It’s an old, partly abandoned and wild botanical garden. It’s been a special place for us since the beginning of our friendship, and it is a special place in the city. Often, even those who live in Vilnius don’t about it!”

How darling is their little boy – he’s so serious!


*The bride designed her own dress, and the groom customized the buttons on his ZARA jacket. Photographer Adas Vasiliauskas captured the day on his Mamiya C220.


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