Karolina & Wayne | Elegant Wedding in Poland

Today’s wedding took place in the bride’s home town in Poland, and these photos capture it’s elegant simplicity perfectly…

The bride and groom share a Polish tradition with us:  “On the morning of the wedding, Wayne and his parents arrived at Karolina’s home to receive blessings from both parents. This is when the bride’s family ‘gives their daughter’ to be married. As a result, we arrived at the church together and walked hand-in-hand down the aisle, which is actually in keeping with the original ritual of marriage.”

In keeping with Polish tradition, all the guests gathered for a toast given by the father of the bride before proceeding into the dining room for the meal. After the toast, the bride and groom threw their champagne glasses behind them, shattering them, symbolizing good luck for the years ahead.

Says the couple:  “We have danced tango together for a few years, and have always enjoyed it as a pastime we can do together. Wanting to share this with our guests, we decided to perform two songs for them, unannounced and with a lot of dramatic flair. We’d never performed for anyone, and although it was some pressure to put upon ourselves, it made for a great memory.”

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  In keeping with Polish tradition, we decided to hold the wedding in the bride’s hometown, the city of Poznan. Our goal was simply to have our families and closest friends come together in a place which was festive and relaxed, yet still elegant. Like many Polish weddings, the reception was held in a large villa. Racot Palace was a pleasant surprise with its understated yet elegant interior. We loved the large dining room, and the adjacent ballroom was perfect for dancing (very important at Polish weddings!). There was also a lovely terrace where guests could step out for fresh air and enjoy the grounds. As it was, the celebration lasted well into morning, and all the guests (eventually) enjoyed breakfast together the next morning.

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  From the beginning, it was very important that the entire wedding feel personal and intimate. We designed our own invitations. Our wonderful photographers were friends of a friend from Berlin. The flowers were picked by us the morning before the wedding, and with the help of the mothers, arranged in simple glass vases. The Austrian wines came personally recommended from our close friend. We were wed in the church Karolina attended as a student, with the marriage rites read in both Polish and English.

The various backgrounds of our guests were very inspirational for us. These are special people who have known us in different places and times of our lives and we wanted to show our gratitude that they’d traveled so far to share this occasion with us. We printed a facebook with a photograph of each guest, where they came from, and something special about how we knew them. These booklets were spread along the table and within minutes of seating all the guests were not only acquainting themselves with each other, but seeing themselves in a special context as well.

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  Wayne’s Korean grandmother traveled all the way from Seoul to attend the wedding. As we greeted our guests outside the church, she appeared wearing her hanbok, the traditional Korean attire reserved for special occasions. Having her travel to Poland to offer us her blessings was very special for us.



Photography: Iconoclash Photography / Venue: Racot Palace near Poznan, Poland / Bride’s dress: Phaedra Elizabeth / Groom’s tie: C. Chauchat


This wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights.


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