12 Days of Christmas, #4

on the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
Four Colly Birds

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: Angel Sanchez dress via Brooklyn Bride, invitation by Hello! Lucky, necklace by Cara Lyndon
Row 2: orchids from The Knot, suit from Brides UK, frozen vodka from Michaele Thunen, Giambattista Valli dress via Shiny Squirrel
Row 3: Jennifer Behr feather headpiece via Junebug, image from Blackbird Vineyards, cupcake from Victoria Pearson

three French hens,
two turtledoves,
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Update! Apparently there is a little confusion over what exactly the song says. I learned it as calling birds, as I think most of us did, but in doing a little research, I found out it was originally colly birds, which means blackbirds. Apparently five golden rings originally referred to ring-necked pheasants, but I stuck with the jewelry as my inspiration (as you’ll see on Monday). I say, sing it however you want!


  • Angel says:

    I can’t believe this….I’m 27 and I just found out that it’s actually 4 “colly birds” and not “calling birds”. That would explain the theme since colly birds means “black as coal”.

    Dang…five golden rings also refers to birds. I feel my Christmas education is slightly lacking!

  • Kate says:

    All right, Kathryn, you need to post an explanation of this “colly” thing. Colly? Since when? For real?

  • Alyssa Coberly says:

    okay me freaking too! i swear its calling birds … by the way the wing hair piece freaks me out a little :0) im not going to lie

  • Kate says:

    I didn’t mean my comment to sound mean – looking back on it, I suppose it doesn’t sound very nice, does it? It was just that I was thrown for such a loop that I wanted to learn more. I spent a good hour looking at Christmas traditions’ origins because of your post!

    BTW – What’s Good King Wenceslas’ favorite kind of pizza? (Deep-pan, crisp and even!)

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