Modern Heirlooms from Frances Palmer

My love for Frances Palmer‘s pottery began back in 2006, when I first saw it in Martha Stewart Weddings, and fell in love with the timelessly whimsical look of her vases and cake plates. Today, not only do I get to share some of my favorites with you, but I also get to giveaway $125 toward the Pearl Collection!

Any of these gorgeous handmade pieces would make for an incredibly special wedding gift, don’t you think? What bride wouldn’t love to receive a ruffly edged cake plate or polka dotted vase?

Frances has also recently launched the Pearl Collection, which maintains the charming irregularities of her handmade pots, at a price that your wallet will love. Every piece is hand cast, pressed and glazed in one of the only remaining ceramic factories in the United States, and they’re the perfect choice for your bridal registry! And as Frances says, it’s low maintenance art: not only are they dishwasher and microwave safe, but they’re all oven proof up to 475 degrees – that would be a very pretty casserole, don’t you think?

Perfect both for entertaining and for everyday, the Pearl Collection comes in five colors and everything is glazed to order.¬†Couldn’t you just imagine mixing and matching these colors and styles for the most fabulous table?

Whether you’re looking for an alternative registry option, or trying to find the perfect wedding or holiday gift, you cannot go wrong with Frances Palmer Pottery. There’s something for every budget, and each piece makes for a special modern heirloom.

To win $125 toward the Pearl Collection, all you need to do is head over to the Frances Palmer site and browse around, then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which Pearl piece is your favorite. You have until 5:00PM PST on Thursday to leave your comment, and I’ll announce the randomly selected winner on Friday. Also, we’d love to know if you decide to register for Frances Palmer pieces, so do share!


This post sponsored by Frances Palmer Pottery.


  • Lacy Mckinney says:

    The humpty Dumpty handmade vases are my favorite! Amongst everything else on her site, both tulipier vases are spectacular!

  • Sara says:

    I love the Bud Vase: Scallop: perfect to put on my desk and fill with peonies!!

  • Emily says:

    I just love the Bud Vase: Scallop – the entire collection is beautiful with just enough detail and handmade charm. These are pieces I would cherish forever.

  • CeeCee says:

    The scallop cake plate (13″ w x 3.5″ h) in blue would be absolutely adorable for serving the delicious treats I will bake for my (future-)husband!

  • Nicole says:

    Yes – to the scalloped cake plate. So many cakes will be inspired by this plate.

  • Sarah says:

    I lurve the Scallop Bud Vase in Toast! It strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and sophistication.

  • Sheigla says:

    I really love all of this collection, but I’d have to say my favorite piece is the green fluted cake plate! I have a thing for pretty dessert serving pieces.

  • Kelly says:

    The Scalloped Cake Plate is wonderful! Although, I also like the No. 6 Diego Footed Bowl. How pretty would fruit look in this? This is seriously some of the most beautiful pottery I’ve seen in a long while.

  • Lauren says:

    The scalloped cake stand is gorgeous! The details are simple yet elegant. Love.

  • The scalloped cake stand is definitely my favorite – would love to have the honeydew color on my table for Spring this easter!

  • Genevieve says:

    ADORE this site. If I were forced to pick a favorite I don’t think I could. But if U have to say one…the Humpty Dumpty Vases. Cute as can be with the little feet. Really lovely things. Would be happy to have any or all of them!!

  • Love them all! All the handmade are my favs, especially love ~ No. 6 Diego Footed Bowl.

    Thanks for sharing! Traci

  • Such a great site for my “future” French themed home :-)
    My favorite right now, AND it’s on sale is the Square Serving Bowl in that Mustard Yellow or Pistachio Green.


  • Diana Pellegrino says:

    I L-O-V-E the blue teapot…and the yellow raised dots dinner plates! So many favorites to choose from!

  • Oh my GAWD, their stuff is GORGEOUS.

    I honestly would LOVE the Large Ruffle with Beads cake platter! But I think the Louvre Pedestal is so sweet too.

    Thanks for linking to these pieces. They’re all gorgeous.

  • Loving these pieces, particularly some of the rounded vases – Picasso, tulipiere, humty dumpty, simple fluted. Want a whole collection!

  • margaret says:

    The lidded dishes are so adorable and classic – I wish I could have one in every color!

  • I am loving the Chinese scalloped dessert plate! All of these pieces are so beautiful, and I love the mix and match quality of them.

  • Lindsay L says:

    I love the Chinese scallop design the most. Though they are all gorgeous.

  • Jenna says:

    The bowl with the raised dots would be one I wouldnt mind on my shelves! So unique and lovely at the same time…

  • Just one? Really? Cereal bowl. Fluted cake plate. Cereal bowl. Cake plate.
    CEREAL BOWL! Love her work. Thank you!

  • elaine says:

    i love the scallop cake platter!! i want to be an entertaining diva and desert is important! hehehe =)

  • Caroline says:

    While I’m typically obsessed with cake stands, I really like the square serving bowl!

  • Jill McAlister says:

    I absolutely LOVE the yellow raised dot dinner plates. It just reminds me of sunshine. But honestly everything is so beautiful! It was so much fun exploring the collection, I could truly pick at least a dozen more items to be my favorites too!

  • My favourite is definitely the pearl collection that you posted above. Like you said they look amazing when you mix the colours together!

  • emily f. says:

    So pretty!!! I’m lovin’ the Small Cake Plate! It’s so cute and dainty!

  • Alison says:

    I love all the vases. Would love to put blooms from my garden in them come springtime.

  • Miss Alexandra says:

    I love the scalloped cereal bowl, perfect since I just moved out and don’t have any yet ;).

  • It’s a toss up between the pie plate and the small cake plate. Or the bud vase. Everything looks so beautiful and I love the option to mix and match colors

  • OH I love the ‘SHANE’ vase in black..hmmm beautiful however in the pearl collection the dotted cereal bowls are so wonderful, that is where I would start !! Great giveaway, thank you to Frances and yourself…fingers crossed.

  • Melissa says:

    I have fallen in love with almost everything! I especially have a place in my heart (and kithcen) for cake plates. I love the yellow fluted cake plate! I want it!!!

  • Lauren says:

    I love love love the cake plate with the scalloped edge and 8 dots! So charming! I’m currently deciding where to register, and I’m really digging this pearl collection. Might be perfect!!

  • Laura says:

    I think my favourite has to be the scalloped cake plate, but it is all beautiful…

  • Rachel Rodrick says:

    I love the cake plates. My favorite is the scalloped one. Everything is so unique, thanks for sharing this site.

  • Sandryte says:

    What a great cereal bowl – Cereal Bowl: Raised dots 6.75″ Blue. I love blue dishes!

  • I love it all! My love affair with Frances Palmer starts now. My favorite if I must choose is I think the Chinese Scallop dessert plate. Gorgeous.

  • Wow, these pieces are gorgeous! I am a sucker for beautiful serving pieces — I love the scallop cake plate.

  • I would love to receive the Bar Cut Low Baker in white as a wedding gift! The pearl collection is gorgeous!

  • I adore the Bud Vase: Scallop and the Bud Vase: Rim beads! I would get both in white!

  • Linda says:

    I LOVE the scalloped cake plate – but the scalloped serving plates are amazing as well!

  • Allegra says:

    I love the Flower Luncheon Plates! So sweet. I can just imagine having brunch with my girlfriends on those. (with my husband cooking for us all!)

  • Jennifer says:

    I would love to serve desserts on the Scallop Cake Plate with the stand (Item F198808)!

  • Jillian says:

    I am smitten with the lidded dishes! Daydreaming of dinner guests lifting the beautiful covers to find individual pumpkin tians or fresh fruit cobbler…

  • Amanda says:

    definitely the scalloped cake plate… just because i’m dying to have an amazing one to put my wedding cake on! such beautiful stuff! i wouldn’t mind having a few vases either..

  • Ashley says:

    Ooh! I would love to serve a dinner for friends on the Chinese Scallop Dessert Plates. Exquisite!

  • Becky Hanna says:

    Absolutely love the scalloped cake plate. The perfect piece to show off all my Christmas cookies!

  • Lynn Rau says:

    I love the small cake plate. It’s just what I needed for the tiny “Easy Bake Oven” cakes I used to make as a kid.

  • Anna says:

    Love the Scallop with 12 dots Dinner Plate – very sweet and pretty, but in an understated way. Perfect for dinner parties with my new hubby!

  • I adore the tuliperies…but the sweetest little “you are special today!” dish to me is… Item: (H3-38) – Milk Splash Bowl..well it will just leave you smiling

  • Ashley says:

    All so pretty, but I’m drawn to the green Soup Bowl: Scallop – other colors are great too!

  • amberrae says:

    The tea set (pot, creamer and sugar) is just darling! I love the use of the minty celadon green color in so many other pieces, it would go great with my kitchen :)

  • Theresa says:

    I’m finding myself drawn to item #F198395, the Oval Platter. It’s got such a great personality!

  • Kathy says:

    I love these: (F198807) – Cake Plate: Fluted in both blue and honeydew! Perfect for my wedding!

  • I love the large serving bowl. I have no idea how I would pick a color! They’re all so gorgeous!

  • Robyn says:

    I love the organic shape of the Oval Platter. In the neutral white, it’d go with all the seasons of my table!

  • Angela says:

    I love the oval platter! I would love to own it! I will be registering soon and will be keeping this in mind!

  • Caroline says:

    Like I need an excuse to drink more coffee… I love the pretty yellow Large Mug.

  • Jessica says:

    I adore the teapot, F198850–it would be so perfectly cheery all year round in the butter color.

  • These are gorgeous! My eyes and heart are drawn to the cake platters: F198168 and F198169. What pretty pieces!

  • Erica Page says:

    Okay, making me select favorites is just cruel and unusual punishment. But if I have to, I LOVE the scalloped cereal bowl. And I fancy absolutely anything with raised dots.

  • Andrea says:

    I love all of the bud vases. They would make great centerpieces for the wedding as well as wonderful home accents.

  • Trena Berkner says:

    I am in love with the pearl collection coffee mug! Especially in that wonderful sky blue color! A set would make such a wonderful addition to the kitchen of my dreams!

  • I love the rectangular platter. I am seriously deficient in serving platters and I think that one is extremely versatile.

  • kristind says:

    Perfect for all the 2012 weddings – including my own! I LOVE the vases – perfect for centerpieces!!

  • Sarah says:

    I love all of these to death!! I am just starting my collection of serving pieces and collecting both plain white ceramic pieces and nicer antique silverplate… now I am going to add some of these modern heirloom white serving pieces to my collection and get the best of both worlds! These would go either with my plain white Crate and Barrel type serveware or with the Victorian silverplate I love while bringing their own unique style to the table!

  • Yvonne S says:

    Oh my, everything is so beautiful. I love the lidded dishes (those are difficult to find these days), the large serving bowl and all of the cake pedestals. The colors are simply amazing, too. Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Mary says:

    Hands down my favorite piece…and I have been eyeing this for a while…the large cake plate “Ruffle with Beads.” I can just picture that in my kitchen full of citrus!

  • Shannon says:

    How beautiful! I absolutely adore the scalloped cake plate and the little lidded dish. The mix and match idea is great!

  • Coral says:

    Choosing is so hard, but I’d have to say…th Terra Cotta Urns or flower pots, I just see my self using and enjoying them more.

  • Anna says:

    I love Frances’ work. Have had these marked on Pinterest on months now for my own future registry. Can’t wait to own a piece (or pieces) someday!!

  • Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing her link! What beautiful pieces! The scalloped server and cake stands are pretty enough to have me baking every day…but the pearl collection bowls and plates would make a nice eclectic addition to my china!!! Tough decision…

  • Megan gibson says:

    I’m in love with this vase!
    (H1-38) – Vase with Column Beads 6″w x 7″h

  • Lauren Fralick says:

    I love it all but my first purchase would be the scalloped cake plate, so sweet and classic! (F198808) – Cake Plate: Scallop

  • ah! they are all so great! This item below was my favorite. Just so dainty and lovely!
    Item: F198139 – Salad/ Dessert Plate: Chinese scallop

  • Solange says:

    such beautiful delicate pieces! some are very vintage and other quite extraordinarily moden. Ferrin Pedestal Bowl caught my eye! Of course! its a beautiful piece!!

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