Modern Wedding Photography by InTandem

There’s something so fitting about hiring a husband and wife team to photograph your wedding, don’t you think? Especially when the results are gorgeous and dramatic and playful, like these shots by Adam and Sarah of inTandem, a husband and wife photography duo.

Adam and Sarah take the kind of photos you want to frame and hang on your wall for everyone to see – “wall-worthy” if you will. Photos that remind you of exactly how happy, beautiful, silly, or loved you felt on that day.

Even though I think their photography speaks for itself, I just love these little tidbits from their website: Through the lens, Sarah sees tenderness and humor, infused with fairytale-like whimsy. Adam sees drama, scale and perspective, and transforms a real life moment into art.

Even though inTandem is based in Austin, Texas, these two love to travel, so if you love their work, get in touch! Near or far, they would love to shoot your wedding. Also, be sure to check out inTandem’s site and blog for lots more of their beautiful photography.


This post sponsored by InTandem.


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