My Best Friend’s Wedding and Happy Weekend!

Today I’m heading up to Sonoma for my best friend’s wedding, and all I can think about is how excited I am that she found such an awesome guy to spend her life with, and how fun it’s going to be seeing friends who live far away, and dancing the night away with my hubby. Mariam, if you’re reading this (why are you reading this?! get off the internet!), these are my hopes for your wedding day: I hope you laugh and breathe and don’t forget to eat something. I hope you feel more beautiful than you’ve ever felt in your life. I hope you pause before you walk down the aisle and take it all in – the garden, the sun, the faces of the people there. I hope you feel the love bubble around you and Pete as you hold hands and meet eyes and vow forever. I hope your post-ceremony photos go by quickly, and that you take your heels off as soon as possible and get on the dance floor. I hope napkins and table runners never cross your mind. I hope your wedding day is magical, but I hope it’s nothing compared to what comes next. I love you! Now seriously, get off the internet.

The rest of you, stick around for weekend links!

Waen Geometric Terrarium

Lovely terrarium, no moss needed.

Oh my. This Art Nouveau-inspired headdress is incredible. (Actually, all of the images from Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 1997 are spectacular. Google it.)

Yogurt panna cotta is happening for breakfast.

Bill Murray drove a Bay Area taxi (this is pretty much the best thing I’ve read all week).

This sticker club was created with kids in mind, but I’m a child of the 80’s. All sticker clubs were really made for me. via Babyccino

Vietnamese-inspired coffee granita sounds real good.

Maybe my favorite reason for a traffic jam ever.

These beautiful things are power outlets!

This sort of thing really bums me out. Use a little common sense people! via

Can we please see more fancy Rice Krispy treat monograms?

Down with guilty pleasures!

Yesterday’s Pretty Pins post was all about apples, but somehow I missed these apple pie biscuits. YUM!

These perfectly minimalist coffee mugs want to come live with me.

In the market for some fun new flats. Maybe these (grown-up jellies!)? Or these?

Giant bow gift wrap (I’m looking at you, Kara).


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