Our Wedding: Portraits

There were a few reasons that Ryan and I decided to see each other before the ceremony: not only did we want to spend more time with our guests at the reception, we also wanted to take portrait photos before it got dark (and since we were getting married at 5:00 in December, it would certainly be dark by the time the ceremony ended). So after getting ready, Ryan and the rest of the guys met up with the ladies at Cavallo Point. It made for such a stunning backdrop, and the cloudy sky created soft lighting even in the middle of the day. (We were lucky that the rain held off until the next day, when it poured buckets!)

My flats came in handy when we took a few photos off the beaten path! Ryan and I agreed ahead of time that we would check in with each other throughout the day to make sure we both stayed present, so when I started to stress out about getting the bottom of my dress dirty before the ceremony, my sweet groom made sure to bring me back to earth.

I have only one regret from our wedding day, and it’s that Ryan and I didn’t make a shot list for group photos. Even though it was on the to do list that Laurie and Jenna gave to us, and even though Elizabeth asked us to put one together, we just never sat down to do it. With Ryan and me trying to remember what photos we wanted on the spot, the whole thing felt more stressful than it needed to be, and unfortunately it meant that we missed some photos that we would like to have had (one of Ryan and his siblings, one of just the girls and just the guys, one of the entire group together). It’s not the end of the world, and we have countless wonderful photos, but it was a simple thing that would have taken us fifteen minutes if we had done it the week before the wedding (or some time in those 18 months we were engaged). Don’t be like us! Make a shot list ahead of time!

Photos by the always talented Elizabeth Messina.

Kiss the Groom (Elizabeth Messina) and Laurie Arons Special Events are sponsors of Snippet & Ink. Thank you to Cavallo Point for extending the media room rate for our stay.


  • Love these! Yes – making a list is a MUST DO! Make 2 copies and give them to someone (preferably not in a wedding party) to be in charge of the “roll call.” We used our cousin who was also an usher. Try to be very organized with the list to be more efficient. We did this and it helped TREMENDOUSLY! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  • wow. you two look absolutely stunning!

    i agree with the shot list… we missed a few huge moments as well.

    the shot of the back of your dress and head piece took my breath away…

  • This came in hugely handy for us – with two sets of divorced parents, we never would have gotten everyone without a list. Groom with mom and dad, groom with mom and stepdad, groom with dad and stepmom, add bride, repeat. I could barely even remember everyone’s name on the day of (which I will only partially blame on the tequila) so without a list it never would have happened.

    Your pictures are beautiful, Kathryn. Congratulations!

  • ha! I did the exact same thing. Oh well! But seriously, you look gorgeous! I love the picture of your veil and hair clip from the back!

  • lmj says:

    Love how all the portraita with your families have different backdrops. Gorgeous pics and details!

  • tae says:

    those were the exact photos that we forgot about too! i regretted not making a must-shoot list for group photos, as well, but i had to just let it go… because no matter what, there’s always going to be something(s) that gets forgotten.

  • Amanda, after sharing your wedding with us all, we’re going to feel like we really know you, and yet we’re strangers! I read your blog regularly, but it’s been so special to hear about your own wedding. You and your husband seem like truly wonderful, down-to-earth, loving people. I love your blog even more now!

  • Congratulations! Lovely photos you have posted online. Hard to tell from the photo but did you use peonies? They are huge and gorgeous!

  • Caroline says:

    I have love love LOVED the sharing of your wedding and the process leading up! While I am not in the wedding planning stage, the tips you have provided are immensely helpful and often something I would not have thought of. Best wishes to you both as you begin your life together! XO, Caroline

  • So wonderful to see your photographs. I was married last year too, and followed along with you on Snippet & Ink. I DID make a list, and yet somehow even with a list I managed to forget combinations. I didn’t think to have a photo with my mother. Can you believe it!?!?! But, like you say, there are so many beautiful photographs, it is hard to complain. Best wishes on your wedding!!!

  • Gillian says:

    I agree with Caroline. I’ve loved all of the anecdotes you’ve shared about your personal process… it’s like having an older sister (who runs a wedding blog for crissakes!) to ask for advice. I’m in the middle of my own plans, and it’s been invaluable. Thanks!

  • Your dress. Your veil. The photography…. It is all absolutely stunning and completely timeless x

  • The photos are really awesome, photographer is really brilliant…knows the right angle to take good shots!

  • I completely and totally agree with the “Make a shot list” sentiment. I didn’t, because I thought it was better to just let my photographers shoot a will.

    Well… let me say there are no less than a dozen detail shots that did NOT get taken; and I don’t have a formal pic of me with my best lady. :( Super disappointing.

    So, yes – make the shot list. Even if your photographer says they don’t want one. They need it!

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