Our Wedding: Reception, Part II

Last day of wedding recaps, I promise!

Before our wedding, someone told me that Ryan and I would probably want to leave the reception early, but we ended up staying until nearly 1:30 in the morning! We were having so much fun dancing and visiting with our guests, we didn’t even realize what time it was until we took off in our getaway checker cab…

Laurie Arons came up with the idea to tent the outside deck (and to drape it with charcoal gray fabric), to give us more room for the reception. Kathleen Deery created the loveliest lounge area for anyone who wanted a break from dancing, or who just wanted a place to sit while they chatted and munched on desserts.

Instead of take-home favors, we had Christmas crackers that our junior bridesmaid passed out after dinner. My mom made all of them, and filled them with paper crowns and little toys – people actually wore the crowns and played with the toys!

Crystal Monee Hall and Jazz Mafia kept us dancing for hours! I knew Crystal had an incredible voice, but when she sang Aretha Franklin’s rendition of “You’re All I Need to Get By” for our first dance, Ryan and I were both totally blown away. Our junior bridesmaid was a total rockstar – she stayed up until midnight dancing with us!

The guys smoked cigars on the front porch of the Presidio Social Club later in the evening – I loved seeing people from different parts of our lives spending time together!

Another detail that I always loved and wanted for our wedding was a vintage photo booth, and I’m so glad we rented one! We went with Magnolia Photo Booth, because they had all the charm of vintage, plus modern features (like the ability to completely take the booth apart and then re-build it on site, or the option for printing doubles). This was quite possibly the biggest hit of our wedding – there was a line to take photos all evening! Jill Sassa made a sweet guest book album for us (complete with photo corners), where guests could leave a photo along with a note.

When Ryan and I finally pulled ourselves away from the party, we hopped into the checker cab (who kindly waited for us an extra hour) and discovered one last surprise waiting for us, from planner Jenna Lam: a French wire basket filled with a split of champagne and two champagne coupes, a slice of wedding cake and treats from the dessert buffet, a bottle of Spotted Cow beer from Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin (which you can’t find in California), and our guest book photo album. I can think of no better way to end such a wonderful day than by sharing a glass of champagne and a piece of cake with my new husband, looking at all the fun photos and notes left by our friends and family.

Photos by Elizabeth Messina.

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  • I’ve enjoyed every minute of your recaps! I adore this shot from outside the building. I have always had a thing for staring at windows streaming beautiful light out into the night. There’s such a beautiful life energy that pours out. There are stories inside. Congratulations on your happy wedding.

  • Sarah Pittz says:

    I’m from New Glarus, Wisconsin and am trying to figure out how to get a LOT of Spotted Cow to my wedding in Georgia! Have to have it!

  • I was told the same thing about wanting to leave the reception early, but we stayed until the last of the guests left. It was sooo much fun!

  • this wedding looked like so much fun I’m glad you had such a great time at your wedding!

  • yeah for spotted cow! I’m pulling to get a keg of Leinenkugels for our MN wedding. have you had that before? Honey Weiss is my favorite. ever since moving to NYC I could never find it. I spot it once and a while at the Food Emporium and I literally screamed in the aisle! We are shutting down our reception around 11/11:30, because we have to be out of our venue by midnight. but I have a feeling we’ll move the party to one of the local pubs in the area ;)

    I do wish there were more posts about your wedding! xo

  • Louise says:

    This has been a total treat and a blast! I was married just over two years ago and am only beginning to gather photos and and other mementos for all the reasons you express throughout your wedding story here. Thank you very much for giving me courage to pull it together and for sharing so much of yours. (We also stayed at Cavallo, had pre-wedding shots there, and were married on the beach there in the cove…you brought me back there!) Most of all, I can so relate to every feeling you mention. Congratulations!

  • I just got all teary reading about your vintage cab departure. All of your photos are beautiful and it’s wonderful to see how happy you and husband were on your wedding day. You looked gorgeous, you were glowing! Congratulations again.

    It’s great to see you how much fun you had : )

  • So I know this post is a few years old, but I’m just discovering it now and I love everything!!! Can you tell me about the curtain to your photobooth? I’d love to do something similar. Was there still a black background inside or did the cream fabric wrap all the way around?

  • I am absolutely in love with your wedding! Was wondering if you remember the cap on the number of guests for a seated reception dinner at the presidio social club! Dying to know! Xxoo

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