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honeymoon packing checklists
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I was so busy getting ready to get married that I totally forgot to pack for my honeymoon before the wedding, which meant I was exhausted and pressed for time when I actually did start throwing stuff in my suitcase (at the last minute, of course). And guess what I forgot to pack? My digital camera! On my honeymoon!

Needless to say, whether you’re flying or driving, checking bags or carrying on, it’s a good idea to have a plan about packing for your honeymoon. With the excitement of your wedding, it’s easy to either overlook something important, or end up traveling with twice as much stuff as you need. To help you avoid my mistake, we’ve teamed up with our friends at our favorite honeymoon registry site, Traveler’s Joy, to bring you printable checklists to make sure you haven’t forgotten any essentials, plus some of our best packing tips and what we’d want to bring to Hawaii, Paris, and Jackson Hole.

Download our printable honeymoon packing checklists right here:



A beach destination like Hawaii is such a classic honeymoon spot – it’s where I spent my first week as a newlywed! Here’s a few of the things I’d love to bring with me on a beach honeymoon if I were doing it all over again…

Hawaii Honeymoon Packing List
1. Even though Hawaii is a super laid back place, you’ll still want some sort of beach cover up (sold out; similar here) for walking through the lobby. | 2. Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses from Nordstrom. | 3. You can cram this squashable sun hat into your suitcase and it will bounce back beautifully. | 4. You want to bring at least two swimsuits, so you’ll always have one that’s dry and ready to wear, and I love this high waisted banana leaf bikini from ASOS. | 5. This georgette sundress by Soft Joie can be dressed up or down – pair it with nice jewelry, shoes, and a wrap and you’re ready for an elegant evening in Hawaii. | 6. Slim gold flip flops by Havaianas. | 7. Use this canvas tote as your personal carry-on bag and it can double as a beach bag. | 8. If you plan on doing any water activities, like snorkeling or stand-up paddle boarding, you’ll definitely want a one piece swimsuit in addition to a bikini for lounging. | 9. Don’t forget your Kindle or a few beach reads! | 10. Now that our phones double as cameras for most of us, a waterproof and sandproof case is a smart investment for an island honeymoon. | 11. These strappy sandals by Coach are perfectly relaxed, but dressier than flip flops.

Packing Tip: You can buy things like sunscreen and aloe vera once you’re on the island, but it’s guaranteed to be way more expensive than at home. I’d recommend bringing them with you. Depending on your destination, other things that are better to bring with than buy there include: lip balm, bug repellent, ibuprofen, tampons and pads (especially if you’re traveling outside the U.S.), and band-aids.

Packing Tip: Ziploc bags are a must-have whenever I travel. They keep toiletries from getting all over my suitcase, protect souvenirs like local honey and jam, and generally help me keep all my little items organized. Oh, and if your swimsuit is still damp when you’re packing to come home, just throw it in a Ziploc!




Paris is about as romantic as it gets; Paris in the springtime? Even more so! If you’re headed to Paris (or another European city) for your honeymoon, this is the packing list for you – minimalist but still appropriate for all your Parisian activities.

Paris Honeymoon Packing List
1. The little black dress originated in France (thank you Coco Chanel!), so it’s only fitting that you’d bring one with you. Pair it with a cardigan and flats for day, a wrap and heels for evening. | 2. Paris can still be quite chilly in the spring, and definitely rainy, so a classic khaki trench coat (similar here) is a good bet for that time of year. | 3. A silk scarf to wear around your neck, tie around a ponytail, or even as a belt, feels très parisienne, and adds a little something to an otherwise basic look. | 4. Carry your wallet, ID, and other important items in a cross body purse that won’t get snagged off your shoulder. | 5. Classic blue oxford from J.Crew | 6. Perhaps it’s a bit cliché for a trip to France, but I do love striped sailor shirts. | 7. You can always purchase an umbrella once you arrive, or you can plan ahead and bring one that is adorable like this red-trim bubble umbrella, or super compact.  | 8. What to do with all those chocolats and macarons you want to bring back from Paris?! How about a large red fold-up nylon tote – keep it folded in your suitcase until you need room for all your souvenir goodies. | 9. Calf hair cheetah print flats by Loeffler Randall. | 10. Don’t be like me and forget to bring your digital camera! (This is a great item to add to your honeymoon registry if you don’t already have one). | 11. Black skinny jeans with a little bit of stretch walk the line between comfy and chic.

Packing Tip: No matter where you’re traveling, try to pack clothing with a common color palette. I generally stick with neutrals (black, khaki, white, gray), and then choose one accent color (like the red accessories pictured above). It allows me to bring as little as possible, while still feeling like I’m dressed appropriately.

Packing Tip: You can avoid wrinkled clothes by packing wrinkle-resistant fabrics (things like knits, denim, rayon and other synthetic blends, and jersey), but another way to go is to pack a travel-sized steamer. It won’t get things as crisp as an iron, but it gets the wrinkles out.




Heading to a winter wonderland for your honeymoon can be as simple as packing a few extra layers, or as involved as transporting ski gear to your destination. Here’s what I’d take with me for a winter honeymoon in gorgeous Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Winter Honeymoon Packing List
1. This gray cashmere wrap can keep you warm on the airplane, act as a scarf when you’re outside, and as a wrap for an evening out. | 2. Turtleneck sweater dress by Theory (sold out; similar here). | 3. UGG pom-pom beanie from Nordstrom. | 4. Keep warm and dry with a winter jacket with faux fur trim hood. | 5. Depending on your honeymoon plans, you might want an action video camera to capture your skiing or snowshoeing adventures. | 6. Pack a bunch of basic turtlenecks and some tank tops for layering. | 7. Look fabulous cozied up by the fire in this pink and gray fair isle sweater from J.Crew. | 8. Fair isle wool socks from J.Crew. | 9. When you’re not hitting the slopes, and you’re not eating at a fancy restaurant, a pair of jeans over thick tights can be just warm enough. | 10. The North Face winter boots from Zappos. | 11. Choose gloves and/or ski gloves with a pop of color – that way if you drop one in the snow, you stand a chance of actually finding it!

Packing Tip: Check out the real honeymoon stories and real member registries on Traveler’s Joy – even if you’re not much of a planner, having some sense of what you’ll be doing on your honeymoon can help you make better decisions about what to bring with you.

Packing Tip: Even if you’re traveling to Finland in the dead of winter, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit! There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub after a day of trudging around in the snow and ice.


Planning a honeymoon is so much fun, but worrying about what to pack can be stressful, so hopefully these tips and checklists have made that part easier. Let us know – what are your must-have items when you travel? Are you adding any travel items to your registry?


Download our printable honeymoon packing checklists right here:


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