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I love the look of the classic cat eye (hello Bridgette Bardot!) but have never been able to pull it off.  Perfecting symmetry was one thing, but I’d always end up with one eye smudged. That is until Skyla Arts shared her tips on creating the perfect cat eye, and I’m telling you it works like magic!





Eyelash Curler
Eyeliner Gel
Limitless Eyeliner


Cat Eye Tutorial | Snippet & Ink


1. Curl your lashes!
2. For the perfect symmetry, look in the mirror straight on. Put a dot where you want your eyeliner to connect.
3. Start in the inner corner, and drag your pencil as close to the lash line as possible. When you reach 3/4 of the way, start lifting it upwards and connecting the dots.
4. Repeat steps two and three for the other side. (If you mess up, get a q-tip with lotion and clean up the edges.)
5. Fill in the inner rim (also named “waterline” on youtube)
6. Finish with lots and lots and lots of mascara

Vendor Credits

Photography: Christina McNeill / Hair, Makeup: Skyla Arts / Styling: Angela Hassan

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