Pumpkin maple cream puffs, mermaid glitter, and have a happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Lanterns by Design Love Fest

Lovely pumpkin lanterns.

So…. I’m a genius and was organizing my “Sweets” board on Pinterest, and in the process deleted the whole board! If you were following me there or if you want to follow my new dessert boards (for goodies like these pumpkin maple cream puffscheck them out here.

Fascinating photos of early 20th-century immigrants coming through Ellis Island.

Mermaid glitter.

Who was Louise the Unfortunate?

How much is $100 worth in each state?

Whimsical line drawings turned into sculptures.

How America became addicted to air conditioning.

Worried about bacon? Maybe don’t be.

Cute little Halloween gingerbread men.

Hard cider pumpkin float.

Halloween themed wedding. 

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