Real Wedding Budget Breakdown :: $22,000 for 165 Guests

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the first things that comes up is The Budget, and it can be incredibly helpful to see how other couples allocated funds for their own wedding celebration. Maura and Aidan have graciously shared their full budget breakdown with us… You can see their full wedding feature here.

Lara Kimmerer | Snippet & Ink



Sunday, September 1, 2013
Whately, Massachusetts
165 guests

Venue: Quonquont Farm, $3300
Cleaning / Damage Deposit: $600
Insurance: $175
Rentals: Northhampton Rental, $400
Total: $4475

Napkin Fabric: $110
Silverware: $100
Total: $210

Catering: Heirloom Catering, $9265
Bartender: $350
Liquor License: $75
Beer Supplies: $300
Additional Beer: $100
Wine: $700
Sparkling Apple Cider: $100
Other Beverages: $200
Total: $11090

Candles: $50
Flowers: Eliza Gray Gardens, $350
Total: $400

Stationery: $200
Kippot: $160
Welcome Bags: $100
Seed Favors: $150
Total: $610

Bride’s Attire: $500
Groom’s Attire: $200
Total: $700

Website: $99
Honeyfund: $39
Misc. Help: $250
Total: $388

Lara Kimmerer, $3718.75
Total: $3718.75

GRAND TOTAL: $21,591.75



Some budget tips from Maura and Aidan:  

DIY is not always less expensive, but can be way more fun.  In some places, there were things that we really wanted to make ourselves that wound up being just as expensive as off-the-shelf (beer). In other cases, we saved a lot of money and achieved a far more personal feel by going the DIY route (invitations). By and large, things mostly came out in the wash but we were definitely able to give things our own flair in a way we would have never been able to afford if it hadn’t been for some of our own sweat equity.

If it’s going to stress you out, it’s probably worth paying someone else to do it. For example, we wanted to have complete control over our playlist and had a friend who hooked us up with a professional sound system and was willing to do some “light emceeing” for us. If you wouldn’t have fun building your own playlist – or with any other project for that matter – it might be worth hiring someone to do that work for you.

Don’t get wrapped up in what you “should” have at your wedding. Necessity gets really inflated during wedding planning, so instead think about if it’s something that will enhance your experience and that of your guests, and where you can pare down.


Lara Kimmerer | Snippet & Ink

Photos by Lara Kimmerer.

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