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In some ways, today’s feature is an ode to a dress, but I also love sharing a couple’s wedding day story in their own words, especially when it is put as beautifully as this one was. I enjoyed reading this lovely story from Dmitra and Pascal as much as I enjoyed their amazing wedding ensembles (photographed by the talented Jude Mooney)…













“Dmitra and Pascal finally decided to get married on their 10 year anniversary. Pascal is French and sometimes feels he was born in the wrong century, so they chose to have 18th century ensembles created. She wanted lush and gorgeous clothing that wasn’t too theatrical, while he wanted to retain his punk rock aesthetic. Master San Francisco costume designer and couturier Todd Roehrman helped the couple hone in on their vision through historical costume research, creating sketches and sifting through fabrics. Dmitra’s dress featured a fully hand-built embroidered silk corset and cascading, hand-made silk flowers, one of Roehrman’s specialties. He also created a striking pheasant feather headdress and velvet collar, finished with period silk brocade and buckle shoes. Todd added industrial zipper piping, large clasps and silk flowers to Pascal’s gentleman’s frock coat and pants, paired with an embroidered silk vest and the quintessential black boots. Everyone else got to wear whatever they wanted, which made for an eclectic and originally bedecked audience. The ceremony and reception were held on a friend’s private ranch near Sonoma, surrounded by ancient oak trees and rolling hills. The couple ended the ceremony by jumping over a manzanita broom made by a friend in the African American tradition of Dmitra’s heritage. They have a 9 year old son, Keda Dawn, who would not wear his fancy Indian suit but did come down out of the oak tree to put the rings on his parents.”

Dmitra shares her favorite reading from the ceremony, an Egyptian song dating from 1300-1100BCE, found inscribed on a vase in hieroglyphs and adapted by Robert Haas: This love is as good as oil and honey to the throat / as linen to the body, as fine garments to the gods / as incense to worshippers when they enter in / as the little seal-ring to my finger / it is like a ripe pear in a man’s hand / it is like the dates we mix with wine / it is like the seeds the / baker adds to the bread. / We will be together even when old age comes. / And the days in / between will be like food set before us, / dates and honey, bread and wine.

It’s so wonderful to see such a unique wedding, that is such a reflection of the couple. Thank you so much to Jude Mooney for sharing these photos, and to Dmitra and Pascal for sharing the story of the day!






Vendor Credits

Photographer:  Jude Mooney / Venue: private ranch in Kenwood, California / Custom wedding clothing: Todd Roehrman / Buckle shoes: Fugawee / Catering: Olive & Vine

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  • Meg Smith says:

    What a cool wedding! Seems like a super fun couple and a great wedding to have been at. Love it!!

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