Playful Destination Wedding in Spain :: Melli & Philipp

Melli and Philipp’s gorgeous wedding took place in Mallorca, an island off the coast of Spain. After the church ceremony, 150 guests joined them at their home for the reception.

Melli wore a pair of beautiful vintage drop earrings.

The couple chose Spanish guitar for their ceremony music.


Nikole Ramsay is based in London, and she takes such lovely photos. I have another wedding by her coming up later this week!


*Note: Several readers have left thoughtful comments regarding the environmental damage caused by releasing balloons. Though the short-term visual impact is lovely, the long-term effects can be incredibly harmful to wildlife and I encourage you to find other festive ways to celebrate and use balloons at your wedding and other events.








Vendor Credits

Photography:Nikole Ramsay / Venue: private home in Mallorca, Spain / Bride’s dress: Vera Wang / Groom’s suit: Gieves & Hawkes


  • Caught the Light says:

    What a beautiful wedding, so beautifully captured!
    Nikole Ramsay flies the flag high for the UK.

  • LPC says:

    Wow. I think this is one of the most beautiful set of wedding photos I've ever seen.

  • Magdalena says:

    What a beautiful wedding!!! Especially their venue choice… really lovely. And her simple bouquet of roses is so sweet. It's too bad the couple didn't choose to be more respectful of the beautiful environment in Mallorca (the balloon shot is stunning but makes me cringe at the same time when I think of the dozens of balloons winding up in the sea or on land) :(

  • Amberdawn says:

    That's their HOME!? Wow, what a beautiful wedding.

  • Ashley Rath says:

    Beautiful wedding and even more beautiful dress! And then I saw Vera Wang at the bottom and thought "of course!" Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  • Lizzie says:

    What a stunning bride! I love the Spanish guitarist touch, I could hear it…

  • Jeff says:

    These photographs are beautiful but I have to agree with Magdalena. While the photograph of the balloons looks so nice, it is incredibly irresponsible to release balloons into the atmosphere because they pollute the oceans and can cause death to marine life and sea birds, etc.

    The only reason I mention this is because I have seen this idea on other wedding sites, where the blogger/editor has then had to post a retraction or a modification to warn readers that this is not something to be imitated. It would be sad to see this idea catch on, especially when there are many other beautiful ways to use balloons (en mass, if you like!) and then dispose of them properly. There are even eco-friendly balloons these days.

    Thank you so much for running such a great blog – it is my absolute favorite – and I so appreciate how you bring us the best wedding inspiration. Congrats to this bridge and groom!

  • Starry Night Design Studio says:

    Too many beautiful photos to comment on! Gorgeous wedding!

  • Camille @ Style Notes says:

    Gorgeous invitations, and I am loving the vibrant aqua, pink, & orange color palette!

  • Luna and Chloe says:

    Stunning. How lucky to live off the coast of Spain – sounds dreamy and romantic…and you showed us it really is!


  • Truly Engaging says:

    absolutely lovely! what an incredible location…

  • Los Angeles Wedding Planner says:

    Beautiful wedding, so beautifully captured

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