Real Wedding: Zoe & John

Two treats for you today! A lovely wedding from Jose Villa, and a giveaway of his new book!

Zoe and John were married at the beautiful Bear Flag Farm in August – lots of pretty pastels and illustrations by the groom…

Says planner Michelle Miyairi from Bliss’d, “With its lavender fields and citrus trees, Bear Flag Farm had the perfect combination of just enough vintage, romance and whimsy. We didn’t want the color palette to be restricted so we started with yellows, grays and pale blue and ended up throwing in some peaches and pinks.”

John drew little illustrations of himself and of Zoe, which were printed on pins that said “I Know the Bride” or “I Know the Groom.” Table numbers were rubber stamped on heavy kraft tags.

Photography: Jose Villa

Venue: Bear Flag Farm in Winters, California

Wedding coordinator: Bliss’d Weddings & Events

Bride’s dress: Vera Wang

Hair and makeup: Kiira Love & Co.

Groom’s suit: J.Crew

Flowers: Nancy Liu Chin Floral & Event Design

Catering: Grace Lee Events

Cake: Nora del Chamberlin Custom Cakes, 510-526-8732

Ceremony music: The Camellia String Quartet

Reception music: Canaan Sound & Light

Okay, so how can you win a copy of Jose’s new book, Fine Art Wedding Photography? Just leave a comment here, either with your favorite detail from Zoe and John’s wedding, or why you want to win the book. You have until Thursday at 5:00pm to leave a comment, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.



  • I would love to win this book because I have admired Jose Villa’s work for some time now and I could not be happier about this book. His is the most beautiful wedding photography in the world, so interesting and enchanting… each photo really really pulls you in. I am also a lover of color so his photos also appeal to me on that level, his use of light and color are impeccable. Honestly if I owned this book, I would treasure it forever. I really really hope I win this giveaway. I am so so excited about it. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I’ll be crossing my fingers and hoping till friday.

  • Gorgeous wedding! There are so many amazing details that I like but I think my favorite are the lights and lanterns that are strung above the reception tables. I can only imagine the beautiful light that it gave off after the sun went down. So romantic! I would love to win this book, thank you for the opportunity!

  • Lois says:

    Jose Villa is an amazing amazing photographer. His images are so soft and romantic and the colors are just beautiful. I’d love to win the book and share it with my friend Emily who is building her own photography business. What wonderful inspiration it would be for her (and myself before I pass it on to her!) This wedding is so sweet and I love every detail.

  • Michelle says:

    I love Jose Villa’s work. The pictures of this weddings are amazing. my favorite item is a toss up between the pins that John created “I know the groom” and the window escort card display (and adorable escort cards).

  • I would love to win the book because I’ve just been asked to photograph a wedding…it will be the first one I’ve ever done as anyone other than a guest with a large bulky camera…! I’m excited to shoot it albeit a little nervous so I feel that reading through his book would be a blessing in preparation! Fingers crossed!

  • I LOVE Jose Villa’s photos and just finished reading his book so I don’t need to win it, but I just had to comment on what a wonderful book it is! I might have to read it again!

  • Well I always love Jose’s images and would love a copy of his new book but in this wedding, I’m all about the flowers, lighting and the menu board!

  • Love all the details of this amazing Jose Villa wedding. I especially love the stripey straws with the flags and the pins of the bride and the groom. I dont know what it is, but every wedding Jose Villa shoots just happens to be amazingly beautiful! I would love to have his book and figure out how he does it!

  • Oh that last shot – that last one with all that love there… That is my favorite detail! And her dress. All filmy loveliness!

    What a wonderful wedding to share today – and the giveaway on top of it??? I love!

  • Nancy Ray says:

    Favorite detail? The mailbox for all the letters and cards! & I would love to read Jose’s book because I live by the quote that says “in 5 years, the difference in who you are comes down to the books you read and the people you meet.”

  • Savanna says:

    Love this! Jose’s book would be a great source of inspiration…something I can’t ever seem to get enough of!

  • The cake! The flags! The gorgeous bride and groom. All of the details are gorgeous and captured perfectly.

  • What a beautiful, thoughtful wedding. My favorite detail has to be the mailbox of letters. How fun would it be to sit down with your hubby and read those! :) And the colors are so pretty and light.I have Jose’s book on my list to buy, but it would be so nice to win!

  • This may sound a bit off, but my favorite part is that Zoe & John didn’t have to resort to a cliche, big white wedding tent. It gives the wedding a much more natural feel and the string lights are just the cherry on top. I’d also love to win Jose Villa’s book because he is my favorite wedding photographer, and I cannot wait to see what Elizabeth Messina pulls out for his wedding!

  • Kristin says:

    How can I choose just one detail to love? The dress, the chalkboard drawings, the outside setting, the lights above the tables, the flowers. I love it all.

  • I absolutely love ALL of Jose’s photos. Well more than photos, they truly are art. I would be so grateful to get his book for my own inspiration and motivation. Thx!

  • David says:

    I love the penultimate image – classic Jose Villa. Seriously, this guy is the reason I ditched a boring PhD offer to pursue wedding photography – now I really need his book to inspire me for this coming summer season!

  • Olivia says:

    i just love the glass menu. and the last picture of the couple. and the letterbox. and and and… everything is just adorable

  • My heart fills with every single photo of Jose Villa’s. I don’t need to win the book as I’ve already pre-ordered mine! I love this wedding and how delicate life feels infront of Villa’s lens. Beautiful.

  • Anita says:

    This wedding is so beautiful, it’s hard to pick just one favorite detail! The bride’s dress is gorgeous and I especially love the outdoor set-up with the lights.

  • Oohhhhhh I love me some games at a wedding! Vintage croquet, please! :) I would also love to read his book–I’ve heard such great things about it!

  • Emma says:

    I love the playful aspects of the wedding – the pins, the “wedding cake” banner, the croquet…so fun and adorable!

  • Eliza Lewis says:

    I love the mailbox & the florals are just stunning!! Her dress is unique & lovely!

  • Mei says:

    I love the mailbox on the table with the letters sticking out. It’s a lovely throwback to the good old days of putting your love on paper.

  • I love the menu written and framed in glass. Such a pretty touch. I would love to own Jose Villa’s book. I saw a friend’s copy the other day and enjoyed reading his thoughts behind each photo!

  • The weddings photographed by Jose Villa always seem to be my favorites!! I love this bride’s dress and bouquet, the little flag theme throughout, and the cute mailbox for cards! The colors in this wedding are gorgeous and the couple, of course, is adorable! Congrats to the bride and groom!

  • I absolutely LOVE that dress!, and of course, the photos by Jose!

    I would love a copy of the book– I attended one of Jose’s workshops in Mexico, and to put it simply, it totally changed my professional life.

  • My favorite detail is definitely the mason jars filled with lemonade! I’m from Alabama so it reminds me of a nice day sitting on the front porch with my parents drinking in the refreshing taste of lemonade on a hot summer day! Of course it goes without saying that I also LOVE Jose’s work!!! xo

  • Sarah D says:

    I loved a lot of the detail from this wedding but the best of them all is the old truck, I love it!
    And I would love to win a copy of the book, because I am finally starting my own photography business after years of wanting to, and I would love some inspiration and tips from an amazing pro!

  • Such a lovely wedding! My favorite detail would have to be the basket full of croquet mallets…I love a wedding with games to be played and a casual, laid back atmosphere to be enjoyed.

  • Jose Villa’s work is basically what my world would look like in my sweetest dreams. My favorite wedding details would definitely be the bride & groom pins. So unique, so personal, so cute. *love*

  • ooooh, it’s hard to pick one favorite detail! i love the lemonade in the mason jar mugs, i think the flowers are fantastic and the tables, lighting and the green, grassy space are all pretty fantastic!

    xo, anne

  • Caroline says:

    The “I know the Groom” or “I know the Bride” pins… weddings are so much about celebrating the couple and their family and friends joining together. I love that the pins merge the gap for forging new friendships, and they’re a great conversation piece! XO, Caroline

  • Annie says:

    Those little sliders on the bronze tray are fabulous! I definitely want to have sliders featured on my wedding menu.

  • Rianne says:

    I really like the illustrations on the pins, it’s a nice idea!

  • megan says:

    The “I know the bride” and “I know the groom” pins. So cute…and I’ve never see it done before.

  • I loved how the cake toppers matched the illustrations that the groom did. Such a lovely and romantic wedding. (:

  • Phenomenal book! I’d love to win it as I am moving towards being a full time wedding photographer/videographer. Makes me want to move to California! *sigh*

  • Ashley says:

    What a beautifully serene wedding! Simple as it seems, I love how the couple incorporated both turquoise and clear glass jars throughout their reception decorations. So many times I see just one or the other but seeing them together made me realize how soft the turquoise looks with the clear glass nearby. Simple yet stunning :)

  • Every detail is always captured so beautifully by Jose. I love the beauty of film! I would have to say that my favorite detail is the mailbox… I just love the little bird on top of it! Almost as if it is singing a happy tune and dancing! Plus, the colors and the glow of the candles is so pretty.

  • ahhh I love everything about this wedding! It’s so perfect.
    the cake with the flag over it was super cute! And the fklowers! And the pins! Awesome wedding :)

  • Jose’s work is always awesome. he is a truly inspirational artist. My favorite detail from this wedding were the lemonade jars. I love to see vintage looking items as wedding decor and I love the way they displayed them with the straws that had the flags on them. That lemonade looked truly refreshing!

  • Beth H says:

    I would love this book. I think Jose is a genius. His photographs are always beautiful yet look so effortless. My favorite part of this wedding are the guest tags saying they know the bride or groom or both. I definitely need that at my wedding. There will be people there that I’m suppose to know- namely my parents friends when I was two. It will be nice to know whether your suppose to know the guest or your new husband.

  • Jessica says:

    I love her dress, and the fact that they didn’t restrict themselves to just a couple of colors as is the norm in weddings, they chose whatever they felt the event needed.

  • I love the icons on each escort card showing what meal the guest has requested. Is it funny that the presence of those sorts of icons on response cards is fueling my invitation search? I really want those little animal silhouettes on my invitations!

  • Ashley Dawn says:

    I loved the hand drawn “I know the bride” and “I know the groom” pins. They are such a fun and personal addition and on top of that adorable!!

  • Sacha says:

    I love the striped straws with the ribbons! Such a cute little detail. I would love to win Jose Villa’s book. I have been a huge fan of his since I started planning my wedding!

  • Oh my goodness, I would love to win a copy of his book! I’m a wedding photographer as well and really admire his work. :)

  • I love the straws… then again I love all striped straws so adding a flag only made them that much better!

    And fingers crossed for Jose’s book! His work is breathtaking.

  • Catherine says:

    I love the dreaminess and the details of this wedding. Everything is beautiful!

  • Jose truly is incredible and astonishes me with every wedding he does!! What a stunning and refreshing wedding this is – I love that they even have crochet for their guests! … seeing that has made me consider doing this for my own wedding :)


  • caitlyn says:

    I love the paper items for this wedding…the escort cards and the table numbers are adorable.

  • I love everything about this wedding! Are those little cheeseburgers? They are too cute.

  • would love to win a copy of the book! my favorite detail are the buttons that say “i know the bride” or “i know the groom”. gorgeous photography as usual from jose villa!

  • the escort card display against the truck is so so so so SO cute. And the flower accent on her shoes and the dress are to die for!

  • I’d love a copy of this book – Jose is an amazing artist and his work/style is one of my favorites.

  • Elise says:

    I love Jose’s work! My favorite detail from the wedding is the use of the old window frames for the menu and seating cards.

  • Jessica R. says:

    I love the groom’s art for the pins! So creative and personal!!

  • My favorite part of the wedding is how casual it feels. It feels like a place that you want to hang out at, where you can just enjoy the moment and the day. Also, I love Jose and follow his blog almost as religiously as yours!

  • Jose’s work is always a treat. I love the pewter gray and lemon yellow color scheme – especially on the straws. I’ve used it before when planning showers for otehrs, and now considering giving it a go myself for our first child’s upcoming baptism this summer.

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Working with Jose and Michelle — a dream.
    Thank you for the nice comment on the flowers and decor. I’m humbled and honored to be on Snippet.


  • Zoe says:

    Thank you so much for the post and all the wonderful comments! Our wedding was only made possible with the help of truly gifted people.

    We both loved working with Jose and are his biggest fans.

  • Jose Villa preserves moments so beautifully – capturing the gorgeous sunlight, the thoughtful details the couple crafted for their guests, and most of all the joy they had in those moments of getting married. Love it!!

  • Lindy says:

    Love that everyone is seated all together between the trees surrounded by all that green. Love it!

  • Thanks for posting Zoe & John’s wedding Kathryn! And congratulations on your own wedding! The hours spent making all the details were so worth it! For those who asked, the meal options were rubber stamps. We bought vintage windows on Ebay/Craigslist. All the paper goods were handmade. We had a wonderful group of vendors! I just received my copy of Jose’s new book in the mail and it’s grrreat! :) Thanks again!

  • Rebekah says:

    This wedding is gorgeous! I like set up of the wedding shown in the next to last photo… as I’m still trying to figure out how I want to set up my own outdoor wedding ;)
    I feel that Jose Villa’s book would be helpful in my wedding planning… plus I just like to look at pretty wedding photos in general :)

  • The creamy, buttery aesthetic of Jose’s work is so consistently strong throughout this wedding. My absolute favorite image from this set is the pulled back perspective of the entire reception. The floating glowing paper lanterns are mimicking the golden light coming through the shapes of the interlacing branches. Magical.

  • Ginger says:

    I love the colors, flowers, and the lighting outside! I’m also having an outdoor ceremony and reception. I want to win Jose’s book to snag some inspiration for my upcoming wedding!

  • Jess says:

    I would love to win a copy of Jose’s book because I’ve been a fan of his work for some time… the way his photos always end up soft, and yet sharp in all the right places… his ability to capture the true feeling of every wedding and never leaving behind the romance. it’s like taking a peek into the most beautiful fantasy world (just what the little girl in me is hoping to see!)

  • Aly says:

    I want to win this book! My birthday is on Sunday and I want to be inspired by this book for my own wedding planning

  • It is so inspiring! The pictures were marvelous and everything about the wedding were perfectly captured. I like the scene where the groom is gathering their pictures on the small tree.

  • Quin A. says:

    I just admire Jose’s work so much. And of course, every wedding he chooses to capture are utterly gorgeous.

    For Zoe & John’s wedding, I love the croquet set and their decor. Its so country-club chic with a touch of whimsy. Perfection!

  • K. W. says:

    I LOVE those shoes! Does anyone know who makes them? I’m getting married and those are exactly what I’m looking for!

  • What a beautiful wedding! Jose is extremely talented and I would absolutely love it if I could win his gorgeous and inspiring book! Keeping my fingers crossed! Xoxoxo!

  • Jose is one of the most amazing photographers! He’s such an inspiration, i’d love to add his book to my library. I love the vintage, romantic feel of Zoe and John’s wedding, but my favorite detail is the Menu written on the vintage window pane. So perfect! :)

  • I love, love, love the last picture. There is something about the way it was captured in the photograph. Even though the groom had his back turned, the way it was captured, you could see that both the bride and groom are happy.

  • Carmen says:

    I love Zoe’s wedding dress – it’s elegant yet bold and just shows the talent that Jose had to have in order to catch the fine details of the dress.

    My friends find it hilarious that I follow Snippet and Ink considering that I’m single and 22 but what I love about your blog is the intricacies of it which make the day special for each individual!.

    I’d really like Jose’s book as I’m an amateur photographer (and designer at heart) who enjoys beautiful things especially fine detail. I’m hoping that I will be able to get a copy of this book as I have 3 weddings to attend this year and hoping to help my friends capture these Kodak moments. As they say ‘pictures speak a thousand words.’

    Thanks very much also for sharing your wedding with us Kathryn. You’re very generous to share such a personal aspect of your life with us and it was breathtakingly beautiful! :)

  • Jacqueline says:

    Looking at beautiful wedding images has become a pastime while planning my wedding. You can imagine that having a whole book of them would make me so happy! I love the pastels and use of the outdoor in the wedding featured!

  • Beautiful! Her dress is absolutely gorgeous and all of the little details make it feel so personal.

  • Mariann says:

    I love the groom’s suit! I think my fiance is going to go with maybe the exact same suit.

  • This is so, so beautiful! I just love everything- from the dress to the escort cards to the mason jars. Perfection!

  • My favorite detail is the hand drawn pins that note whether you know the bride or groom. LOVE that detail! Also adore this venue is near where I grew up, yet I had no idea it even existed.

  • carly says:

    Beautiful images and wedding. I love the bride’s dress and the venue is soo romantic. The flowers, tables the grass and strung lights, just my type of setting.
    I’d love to have this book because as I’ve been planning my wedding i’ve been getting inspiration and ideas from blogs such as yours and photographers like Jose, i’ve become a little obsessed… Capturing the essence of such a special day, this man knows how to do it!Once I read this book I’d love to share it with my best friend who is just beginning her photography practice.

  • Grace says:

    What is NOT to love about this wedding! The flowers, the dress, the escort cards with the animal icons, the pins, ALL SO CUTE!!!!

    I would love this book! I love wedding photography! SO much to use for my own wedding in September!

  • Jessie says:

    I love the idea of not having a wedding colour, but instead a color palette, it creates such a light and airy atmosphere!

  • Stephanie says:

    I love the way the photographer has used depth of field to such great effect – he’s created something soft and dramatic, simultaneously. Beautiful.

  • I love Jose villa’s work! His photos are so creamy. I’m so glad he finally has a book coming out to share his gorgeous photography with us!

  • Ooh! I love, love, love the outdoor reception area and the twinkle lights. I am trying to do something similar for the lighting at our reception. Thanks!

  • Shannon Myers says:

    I love her gold colored shoes. So simple, chic, and cute.

  • kayla says:

    i love the place card stand! i always love looking at weddings photographed by jose villa. i’d love to win the book simply for the gorgeous imagery!

  • Snippet and Ink….you are so awesome for featuring this wedding which is oozing of charm. Love everything about it and Jose Villa is a saint.

    Michelle of Blissd rocked it.


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