Robyn & Dean | Apple Orchard Wedding from Cappy Hotchkiss

Robyn and Dean’s sweet farm wedding feels like summer, with greenery, and sunlight, and dinner in an apple orchard. Cappy Hotchkiss (one of our Select vendors!) captured the day and shared these beautiful images with us…

Cappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & Ink

Robyn shares a moment from the ceremony: “I’ve always dreamed of getting married barefoot on a hill in Tuscany. But Italy wasn’t going to happen, and knowing my father, he certainly wasn’t going to let me walk down the aisle barefoot. I stumbled across a wedding blog highlighting a foot washing ceremony. I thought the symbolism of being humbled and serving your partner was beautiful and emailed it to Dean thinking he’d say it was crazy. Turns out he loved the idea. After we said our vows, our first act as husband and wife was to wash each other’s feet. It created a special moment between just the two of us, where we could pause to focus on the commitment we were making to each other. After that, we kissed and walked down the aisle barefoot. The plush green grass between our toes and the sun shining at our backs; it was a perfect moment I will remember until I die.”

Cappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & Ink

“Dean and I met while working at Charlie Trotter’s a little over 4 years ago, and we both currently work at Per Se in NYC,” says Robyn. “To us, a beautiful outdoor garden and delicious, local and organic food shared with our closest family and friends is all we really care about in life.”

Cappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & InkCappy Hotchkiss | Snippet & Ink



What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  Nature, garden flowers, farms, Italy, dinner parties.

What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  There are so many! Besides the classics: Wedding photos with chickens and goats. It was so much fun and perfect for who we are. They also made for some great renditions of American Gothic. A chorus of local church bells broke out in song during our service. I remember thinking money couldn’t buy that moment. Our nieces and nephews dancing around us on our first dance. They were squealing with delight and seemed almost like fairies. Lighting our wishing lantern. Dean picking me up to carry me across our yurt threshold. I started to cry because I had completely forgotten about that since I was a little girl.

Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  Our officiant rang a Tibetan singing bowl at the beginning of the service. It was a nice way to begin the ceremony as it brought everyone’s attention to the present moment. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful sound.

What was the best advice you received as a bride?  I was engaged to a different man 5 years ago. We had planned a gorgeous, ballroom wedding that would make any mother and father of the bride proud, but it didn’t represent my personality at all. After going through that (and calling it off!), I realized the best wedding is one where you go with your gut. The two of you make decisions based on what speaks to you and what reflects who you are as individuals, and more importantly, as a couple.

What advice do you have for other brides?  Go with your gut, and don’t second guess yourself. There are so many choices and decisions involved in wedding planning, you’ll drive yourself (and everyone else) crazy if you change your mind. We planned our wedding in three months and everything turned out better than we both imagined. Just do it! Also, my one regret was not getting a videographer, or even just asking a friend to shoot it on their iPhone.

Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  Decide what you really have to have and what you could live without. For us, it was location, great food and wine, and photography. We spent the bulk of money on those things and pulled everything else together ourselves. DIY is a lot of work, but in the end, it reflects love and detail you can’t buy. Printing and designing my own paper goods was really easy and saved hundreds of dollars. My brother was the DJ, but he had so much fun in lugging the speaker around and was proud to do it. The challenges and stresses of the DIY projects were definitely there, but they were all overcome by love and support from friends and family members. Isn’t that what a wedding is really about anyway? A big family get together!

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  We spent our first night as husband and wife in a yurt, smack dab in the middle of the apple orchard. It was magical to wind through the candle lit grove at midnight while we listened to our friends still partying in the background, only to wake up surrounded by dew covered apple trees. It was just our style to “glamp” on our wedding night, and it offered such a unique and memorable experience.

Vendor Credits

Photographer: Cappy Hotchkiss / Venue: Liberty View Farm in Hudson Valley, New York / Floral Designer: The Green Cottage / Ceremony Dress: Wtoo's Jasmine via Lovely Bride / Reception Dress: Free People / Shoes: J.Crew / Hair, Makeup: Tressol-Mi / Pearl earrings: Dana Kellin / Groom's Suit, Tie: Bespoke by Sebastian Grey / Wedding Bands: Eli Halili / Officiant: Puja Thompson / Rentals: Events Unlimited / Catering, Cake: Agnes from The Village Tea Room This post contains affiliate links. Cappy Hotchkiss is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor.

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