Romantic and Personalized Wedding Vows :: Nancy & Shane


Photography by The Ramsdens.



Nancy’s vows started with Pablo Neruda‘s poem ‘Sonnet Lxxxi‘ and the rest were her own words:

“No one else love, will sleep in my dreams, you will go, we will go together over the waters or time. No one else will travel through the shadows with me, only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon.”

All of the steps that had to occur in our lives in order for us to find each other are nothing short of a miracle. I know God played his hand. One little mis-step in our journey to each other could have ruined it’s course. But we managed to find our way to each other. I don’t simply love you because of how you make me feel, I love you also because of who you’ve inspired me to become. I can’t promise that life won’t be hard, but I can promise to always continue on the path we’ve forget together.





One of the first things I fell in love with about you was how you named animals. You had a cat named Richard Parker. You wanted a turkey named Sweet Potato. We met a duck by the river and you named him King Philip. When we see deer or rabbits or crows in the woods you seem to be on a first name basis with them all.

Some of my favorite memories with you are all these animals reminding me how magical you are.

The first memory isn’t my own memory, but a story I always love hearing. It happened when you were six and you and your mom went to the New York Aquarium to see Nika the Walrus. A big crowd gathered to see Nika. Everyone called out to her, but Nika kept her back to the crowd. When everyone gave up you called out to Nika on your own and the big Walrus turned her head and you two had a special kind of conversation that only a walrus and a six year old could have. The crowd was amazed. And when Nika turned her back to everyone- everyone tried to get her attention again. When it didn’t work they asked you to do it again and every time Nika only responded to you.

Early on in our relationship you called me one night around midnight. You were driving and said you found a dog lost on the side of some backroad. You said at first you thought it was a wolf. But that didn’t stop you and your Mom from inviting the dog into your backseat. He came home with you and we took care of that old lost dog. We probably would have kept him if we didn’t track down his owner in the morning. It broke our hearts to see him return to his owner- as happy as it was – but I loved that you went out of your way at midnight to rescue a lost dog that may or may not have been a wolf.

And just last month we parked in Brooklyn and up walked this small cat out of the night. It sat by your feet and started to purr. It’s ribs showed- his white paws were black from the street – and you made that face you make when you see a strange animal that looks homeless – like can we take it home? and I said hell no – we already have two rescue cats. But when we walked away that small cat followed you up the block like an old friend. It turned the corner with you – and walked up the stairs to our building. He followed you through the vestibule – then up three flights of stairs right into our apartment where you named him Albus.

Nancy, I could not think of a better addition to my family – I mean when my grandma told my mom years ago that she was going to have a baby brother soon my mom said “No mommy don’t have a baby – have a horse”

So my love, my zoo is your zoo. I promise to always be a sanctuary for you, for our family, and for any animal that follows you home.


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