Board #518 | Champagne & Blue

A friend is getting married later this year, and she asked me to put together an inspiration board for her using some of the elements that have already been determined. They’ve picked a date (late September) and a venue (a champagne lounge with Cream City brick walls), she’s chosen shoes and bridesmaid dresses (both in royal blue), and she wanted suggestions for non-floral centerpieces. I tried to bring all of those things together in a way that made sense, resulting in what I think is a nice balance of informal and elegant, and in colors that are rich enough for an autumn event. I stuck with mostly neutrals, allowing the royal blue to really pop. Ideas for non-floral centerpieces? Pillar candles, breadstick bouquets, and giant balloons. And of course, how can you have a party at a champagne lounge without champagne? Actually, buckets of champagne would make for excellent centerpieces themselves…

Mood: casual luxury
Palette: champagne, royal blue, chocolate, cream

Top row from left: blue lounge at Cuvee, champagne cocktails from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo of bentwood chair with table number by Marlin Munoz via Style Me Pretty, pillar candle centerpiece from Martha Stewart
Row 2: balloon centerpieces with table number tags from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo of white peony bouquet by Jose Villa, white calligraphy on kraft paper by Grace Edmands for Oscar & Emma via Oh So Beautiful Paper, photo of blue pointed toe shoes fromĀ Kiss the Groom
Row 3: chocolate truffle cake by April Reed, Cuvee Champagne Lounge, royal blue bridesmaid dress from J.Crew, breadstick bouquets and dahlias by Matthew Robbins
Row 4: guest books with blue velvet trim from Martha Stewart, photo of birdcage veil by Linda Chaja, picture frame “photobooth” from Front Room Photography, vintage bucket with champagne via Dress Design Decor

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  • Gorgeous!! Royal blue can be a tricky color to work with, it’s so easy to do too much, but this is perfect!! Plus, I have a particular weakness for non-floral centerpieces. I hope your friend will share photos of the big day so we can see this look come to life!

  • Royal Blue & Milwaukee! Awesome. I’m from Milwaukee and Cuvee is a wonderfully fun venue. Kudos to her for staying local. And thanks for showcasing Milwaukee vendors. I’m sure they appreciate it.

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