Rustic Dinner at Fat Cat Farm


Shawn from BEEHIVE EVENTS was a wonderful hostess for the Rendezvous Retreat in Charlottesville, Virginia. From taking us through a fun floral arrangement workshop to helping us set up a Southern BBQ-inspired spread, she made our time in Charlottesville so very special. We thought we would share a few words from Shawn about what inspired her when she was planning the event: 

Shawn says, “When JEN FARIELLO asked if I would like to host the farewell dinner for a bunch of amazing photographers, it took about 2 seconds to respond ‘yes!!!!’ At every event, I am working with some talented photographers, but we rarely have but a moment to do more than smile and exchange salutations. What a treat to hang out with this select group and get to chill over drinks and dinner, and to be on the other side as guests instead of vendors!

Our farm has been a working farm since 1900. we have lovely old barns, corn cribs and beautiful sweeping pastures. We kept this all in mind when planning our dinner. It was a relaxed and effortless evening, but one that still encompassed many elements of finery. It was an ode to Spring, too—we used only seasonal botanical offerings, with much of it foraged from our farm! 

Photo: Jen Fariello

2-orange-roses-tulips-amelia-johnsonPhoto: Amelia Johnson

3-orange-roses-tulips-centerpiece-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello

Beehive Events created vibrant and cheery floral arrangements with peonies, sandersonia, parrot tulips, hellebores, garden roses, viburnum, apple mint, solomon seal and mock orange. The perfect compliment to the custom designed cooper topped bars and bistro tables made by Beehive Events.

4-white-bar-copper-top-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello

6-yellow-peony-candle-amelia-johnsonPhoto: Amelia Johnson

7-tapered-candles-wood-charger-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello

The tables were set with organic wood chargers, spanish glassware, heirloom silverware, golden linen napkins, beeswax column candles, all on top of Shawn’s white wax finished tables.

8-calligraphy-place-card-wood-charger-amelia-johnsonPhoto: Amelia Johnson

11-rustic-wedding-idea-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello

10-orange-floral-ideas-amelia-johnsonPhoto: Amelia Johnson

9-a-pimento-catering-wood-charger-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello

A Pimento’s four course meal included: Amuse Bouche: “Spring Walk” — Rag Mountain Trout, a Stream of Sweet Turnips and Cream, Wheat Grass and Blossoms // Finnish Rye, Our Cultured Butter, Radishes and Salt // Salad: “First Harvest” — Asparagus, Fiddleheads, Tenderest Lettuces and Torn Herbs, Beetroot Skordalia // Main: “Green Pastures” — Confit Chicken, Baby Leeks, Wild Mushrooms and Shingled Potatoes // Dessert: “Strawberry Fields” — Ricotta Fritters, Strawberries in Moscato, Ginger Custard, Strawberry Leaves and Shiso.

12-toasting-beehive-events-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello

13-rustic-dinner-amelia-johnsonPhoto: Amelia Johnson

14-toast-across-table-amelia-johnsonPhoto: Amelia Johnson

15-fat-cat-farm-jen-farielloPhoto: Jen Fariello


A big thank you to Beehive Events for hosting such a lovely event!







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Vendor Credits

Photography: Jen FarielloAmelia Johnson  / Venue: Fat Cat Farm in Scottsville, Virginia / Event Design, Floral Design: Beehive Events / Catering: A Pimento Catering / Calligraphy: Arney Walker

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