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I suppose in some ways this wedding board is inspired by my road trips through South Carolina and Georgia – one of my absolute favorite things about driving through the South is the Spanish moss in the oak trees, and I wanted to create an inspiration board around that low-country look. Something simple and easy going. Nothing fussy or overwrought. A small town feel. Magnolias are an obvious floral choice, and peach jam and grits make for an appropriate regional favor. And I know it’s rather trendy at this point, but I never get sick of sweet tea served in a mason jar.

Mood: low country rustic charm
Palette: Spanish moss, kraft paper, pale peach

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Liz Banfield, photo by Samuel Lippke, grits and peach jam from Martha Stewart Weddings, fan via sfgirlbybay
Row 2: magnolias via Style Court, photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, sweet tea from Vermont Vows, photo by Jessica Quadra
Row 3: Bible photo by Millie Holloman, jam photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, low country wedding, foot washing via Southern Weddings
Row 4: red velvet cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo by Victoria Pearson, seating card from Martha Stewart Weddings, floating magnolia from Rebecca Thuss

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  • Callie says:

    perfect. a little more hydrangea blue-green and you’ve got my wedding down pat. Your “downhome blacktie” board was a huge inspiration, btw!

  • brown_eyed_bride says:

    I love this, it reminds me of warm, slow, sticky summer days that I am dying for right now. I also am thinking of a wrap around porch and a rocking chair, and maybe a house like the one in Forrest Gump. I think I was supposed to be born in the south ;P

  • Sarah Peters says:

    currently in georgia, and LOVING this post, such inspiration for me one day…(magnolias are my main element)

  • M.K. says:

    wow…that is the wedding I have been planning in my head since i was a little girl.

  • magpiesandmagnolias says:

    Love love love love this one! Exactly my vision for my someday.

  • alli michelle says:

    This board is so striking. Not sure if I’ve said hi on here before so I’m saying it now: hello. Love this blog.

  • K. Holly Photography says:

    Love this color scheme! So pretty, natural and casual. Just gorgeous!

  • {The Perfect Palette} says:

    ooo spanish moss and sweet tea in mason jars! This is my kind of inspiration! And I’m from Georgia so I can relate :)

  • Ale says:

    Definitely like this one too! I would add more teal and it’s perfect :)

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