Real Wedding: Shu & Lin

Intimate weddings (and elopements!) at San Francisco’s City Hall always steal my heart, and this one from photographer Kate Harrison is no exception. Shu, the lovely bride, kindly took the time to share her and Lin’s sweet story with us:

We found each other on our alumni club’s social website when I was studying in London and Lin worked in Hong Kong. Although we were oceans apart, we found an instant connection. When we finally met, it felt like we’d known each other forever. After many long haul flights back and forth across the continents, Lin proposed on a visit to the UK, totally spontaneously: no ring, no flower, and I said yes! Thinking back, it took such courage that neither of us imagined, yet it was a rare moment of facing and following one’s own heart.

Instead of the traditional big fat Chinese banquet, we opted for a simple wedding, as fuss-free as possible. San Francisco City Hall came to my mind – I remembered seeing a photos from a wedding there and falling in love with the breathtaking architecture, and the ‘calmness’ within such a busy place really struck me.

I’ve always loved vintage styles, especially the 1940’s, and I dreamed of having a dress like Audrey Hepburn’s. After weeks searching in vintage shops and fairs in London and online, I finally decided to make my own wedding dress, using some original vintage patterns. I had so much fun, going through decades of wedding fashions, imagining how I would look in them and then finding the exact dress I wanted. On our wedding day, I ended up doing my own make-up and hair, I wrapped a piece of dotted veil around what I call a ‘messy up-do’, (it wasn’t perfect but it suits the casual and spontaneous mood of our wedding), and I stepped out the hotel with my groom, feeling so happy in my DIY-ed outfit.

The wedding went in a flash – all we could remember was the warm feeling of being together through it all, just the two of us. I have to thank our lovely photographer, Kate Harrison, who acted as our witness. She captured the essence of those intimate, joyful moments of our day, that was particularly what we wanted to remember.

Our wedding trip to San Francisco left us with the sweetest memory. It was a total adventure and our life-long journey starts there. The planning process can be easy – after all, it’s the firm belief in love and the faith to walk the journey, holding hands, that matters.

Well if that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is. Congratulations Shu and Lin, and thank you to photographer Kate Harrison for these dreamy photos. See lots more over on Kate’s blog, right here.

This wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights.


  • Julie says:

    What a sweet wedding! I love that they made such a beautiful and special moment for themselves. I have to admit; it would be nice to have a special ceremony just for me and my groom………….

    Also, LOVE her blue shoes! Any idea on where to get them?

  • Stacey says:

    I second the comment on the shoes. They are fabulous! Who makes them?

    • Shu says:

      They are from Ivanka Trump’s collection, sold in Neiman Marcus;)

  • I am all choked up. What a sweet wedding and such lovely sentiments. My husband is traveling for business half way around the world this week and this post made me miss him even more.

  • bora says:

    What an extraordinary and beautiful wedding. I love it. Congratulations Shu and Lin!

  • Tanisha says:

    You captured the essence of what it’s all about…intimacy, love, and just the two of you! Kudos to a beautiful wedding…nothing but joy, luck, love, and happiness to you both!

  • So pretty!! I also DIY’d my long sleeve dress and wrapped a piece of dotted veil around my head!! Clearly amazing ideas. ;)

    I love the photo where she’s fixing his hair – the sweetest!

  • suistt says:

    I love the picture with the green soda bottle. nice touch of pop color. super sweet when they’re walking down the big open hall alone!

  • Shu & Lance are so dreamy. It was such an honor to celebrate with them & capture their love. Can you believe Shu’s dress? Incredible. And the romanticism of their wedding? Unreal. Thanks so much for the beautiful feature, Kathryn!

  • super super romantic and so real. kate you did a great job capturing the intimacy of this!! love it.

  • Merel says:

    Love the dress!

    This is exactly what we want! So in six weeks we are traveling to NY with just the two of us to get married. I can’t wait!

  • Regina says:

    to the bride and groom, congratulations on your wedding:)
    what a simple, sweet and romantic ceremony. I adore your dress and blue shoes. Perfect combination :)

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