Secular Ceremony Script With Tribute To Parents

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Groom, escorts and seats his parents,


Mother of the Bride escorted and seated by Father of the Bride, Father of the Bride circles back for Bride
Maid of Honor
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
Bride and Father of the Bride


all four parents are asked:
“Who supports and celebrates this marriage?”
they all answer:
“We do!”


Father of the bride is asked:
“Who places Taylor’s hand in Ryan’s for their marriage?”
Tom replies:
“I do!”
“Her Mother and I do”

Father of the Bride kisses Bride on the cheek, Groom steps forward and shakes Father of the bride’s hand or hugs him or both
Father of the Bride places their hands together
Groom brings Bride to the dais
parents take their seats

Bride & Groom face each other
Maid of Honor passes her bouquet to Bridesmaid
She fluffs Bride’s dress and takes the bridal bouquet
The couple hold hands


Good evening, everyone, and welcome! For Taylor and Ryan, I welcome you to this wonderful location where the earth, the sky and sea all meet, a grand place to bring all of you together at once for one of the greatest celebrations known to humanity.

You are their closest and most significant people. You have walked this road of life with them, you’ve carried the weights, laughed in great fun and happiness, celebrated those stellar moments, and offered your continuous presence no matter what city you are in. You’re the proven ones, and Taylor and Ryan are thrilled that you are here, and are touched and moved by your generosity and your love. You have traveled here from TX, NY, NO & SO CA and they know it’s no average achievement to put your own lives on hold, to take your time and resources, to hire pet sitters and perhaps baby sitters to come be with them this weekend.

It is their intention that each and every one of you spend some time with them, that you have a wonderful and refreshing experience here, and that you take home with you an inner gift that continues to give to you over the course of your lives. So in great love, gratitude and joy, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.


Taylor and Ryan wanted to take a moment to give tribute to you.

Clif & Patty

Clif, Ryan considers you a very kind man. Your committed support to him made sure he was in a position to succeed, that he had the necessary tools for whatever it was he was doing, or going to do, whether it was sports or job related.
Your ability to see him interact meaningfully with people as a potential leader, holds in place for him his highest achievements which is critical to anyone realizing themselves. You are true father, that one who upholds their progeny to see them through.

Patty, your son describes you as extremely caring and nourishing. You tell him 20 times before he’d leave the house, “take any food”, text him from the mall, “need any clothes?” and you, along with being full-time mother and wife, pitched in taking on extra work to pay for his private schooling. Whatever needed to be done, you did.

Know that your son honors and loves you, he knows he stands on your shoulders and because of you, he now has the life he has always wanted.

God bless you for all you have done and for all that you are.


You and Taylor are one of the same kind. Two go getters who have a blast being in action and creating possibility for others, you are partners cut from the same cloth and she adores you. She describes you as extremely giving, one who cares deeply about community, that you are loving, fair and ingratiating. You are beautifully expressive of your love, effusive, quickly creating a bonds, and you are her great role model. We know that you love having her as your boss, and for you as father, to put yourself at the back of the room, watching her fly, is quintessential fathering. You gave her her wings, and told her that there is no limit to her skies. You gave her her freedom to be and all the tools to do it well, and forever she is grateful to you.

Colleen, we saved you to last because ultimately, you are the closest to the bride in those most intrinsic and mysterious ways. Your very giving of your body to Taylor as her precious life grew inside you—as it is going on with her dear friend—creates a cellular connection that can never be bro-ken. You are a part of each other like no one else on earth. Your daughter describes you as deeply selfless, that you took immense care of her father and her, that involved yourself totally in her life, making sure she was completely cared for.

As Pat said last night, the femininity that flowers in Taylor so beautiful-ly came from you, and now having Ryan at her side, this magical woman who is Taylor will unfold in the most amazing ways.

So to all the parents, with your long and strong marriages, not only do you give Taylor and Ryan all the great ground they grew on, you give them a model by which to grow their own marriage, a gift that has no end.

Welcome to each other’s families. God blesses you endlessly.


Taylor and Ryan, you two are very special people. We all know that and are delighted to speak of you and to you about that very openly. It is rare in life that we see two people who are so naturally integrated, first within themselves, and secondly, together.

Taylor, you are light itself. There is nothing you can’t do or can’t get through, you light up more than a room when you walk in—you light up people’s hearts, you bring a universe of positivity and an energy of “let’s go!” no matter where you are. You literally bring the vitality of life itself wherever you are. And even more, you bring the presence of Love in it’s fullness right along with you.

So we see you in form, this beautiful, quintessential, marvelous, magical woman, girl, goddess, but who you are is a sacred spirit come to open the lives and the hearts of many, to create a better life for others and to estab-lish a level of happiness, beauty and dignity for those who come to your door and your fair city.

What you bring to yours and Ryan’s life is nothing short of breathtaking love, fun, support, rock solid loyalty and unlimited happiness. You are a gift to him, to your families, your friends, every life you touch and you are a friend to Life itself. You are life unlimited.

Ryan, you are a man of such gentle spirit, ease and warmth, a team play-er, a cuddle blanket for Taylor, you are the very ground upon which she can be herself and the ground upon which so many can rely. Everyone who knows you loves you, easily and quickly. One look at you and one knows they are in the presence of a truly good man and one day, a sub-stantial leader.

Not a leader who blares from the front of the room, but one who sensibly leads from inside the room, and with respect, inspire and guide those teams who can realize the vision and enjoy the process at the same time. You are the man who can be entrusted with the heart of any concern.

Open minded, non-possessive, nor jealous, your loving spirit wants Taylor to spread her wings and fly to her highest happiness and capabilities. That only can be done with a man who knows himself and walks in great con-fidence.

Together, you are the wholeness of life itself, you have all the ingredients to live, give, love and be happy and to discover new horizons by whatever you can imagine!

With all of this, Taylor and Ryan, seeing the joy and the light that you are, the quality and the generosity you are, the love and delight and all the unlimited possibilities you are, I say that you are the very ground spring of Love, the fullness of life itself. I dare say that you are the face of God on the ground, alive, accessible, touchable and abundant in everything.

Just as you are, you are sacred and magnificent.
As Hafiz, one of the great 13th century Sufi masters said:
“This is the time
For you to deeply compute the impossibility
That there is anything
But Grace.
Now is the season to know
That everything you do
Is sacred.”

Today, you marry your best friend, your sweetheart, your Turkey for Horsing around, your partner and companion of your heart.

As C.S Lewis wrote,“Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever in which every chapter is better than the one before.”

So here in the presence of your family and friends who love you, are you ready to speak your vows?


Do you promise to love each other openly and without reservation,
to comfort each other in distress,
to laugh and cry together,
to be honest with each other,
to nurture and support one another,
to grow both individually and together in mind and spirit,
to cherish each other and be guided by Love
along life’s path, wherever it leads,
for as long as you both shall live?

We answer together, “We do!”


I, Ryan, take you, Taylor, to be my wife, to love you and share my life with you. I promise to always be gentle and tender, to support you in our endeavors and to respect your needs, and to hold my love for you above all else.

I, Taylor, take you, Ryan, to be my husband, to love you and share my life with you. I promise to always be gentle and tender, to support you in our endeavors and to respect your needs, and to hold my love for you above all else.



With this ring, I pledge my love, my friendship and trust, for all the years to come.


May these vows and this marriage be blessed
May it be Sweet Milk
May this marriage offer fruit and shade
May it be made of Love
May this marriage be full of laughter
May it be Paradise
May this marriage be a sign of Compassion
A Seal of Happiness now and for all Eternity
An Omen as welcome as
The moon in a clear blue sky


Ryan and Taylor, here on this first day of August in the year 2015, in the presence of your family and your friends, you have declared your union, you have spoken your vows and given each other your wedding rings. You have created a most high covenant in which your marriage and each other form a sacred plane that from this day onward, lives as a light in your lives and in the life of the planet.

Therefore, in accordance with the laws of the State of CA and the power vested in me therein, I now pronounce you
Beloved Husband and Beloved Wife!

You may now seal this with your kiss!



Taylor and Ryan, you two are unstoppable. There is nothing you cannot do. All you need to do is imagine it, and you can make it real. So imagine, dream, dream big, and everything you desire is yours!


Family and friends, may I present for the very first time, Ryan and Taylor Steed!!

Taylor and Ryan
Wedding Court
Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

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