Signature Cocktail :: Peach Bellini with Prosecco and Sorbet


Photography: Amelia Johnson // Design & Styling: Atrendy Wedding

Rosé may have been all the rage this summer, but we can’t forget about another classic pink drink—the peach bellini! Add some seasonal fruit and a scoop of sorbet, and you’ve got the perfect bespoke cocktail for a bridal shower or day-after wedding brunch.


Peach BelliniAdapted by Eat Drink Love.


1 cup frozen peaches
1/4 cup peach schnapps
1 1/2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup ice
1 cup champagne brut or prosecco (we love La Marca!)
Scoop of frozen peach sorbet


Add the peaches, peach schnapps, sugar and the ice in a blender until smooth. Pour champagne or Prosecco in your glass, stir. Add a scoop on top of frozen peach sorbet. Serve immediately.

bowl of peaches, fruit, fresh fruit, signature cocktail, peach bellini

You can’t beat the color or flavor of a fresh peach, so you know a peach-infused cocktail is going to be delicious!

peach bellini in champagne glassware

Thank you to Amelia JohnsonAtrendy Wedding and Holly Chapple for sharing this delicious recipe and gorgeous photos with us –  we can’t wait to try it!  See more Signature Cocktails right HERE







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Vendor Credits

Photography: Amelia Johnson / Design & Styling: Atrendy Wedding / Floral Design: Holly Chapple / Venue: Hope Flower Farm

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