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Happy Wednesday! Today we’re sharing a romantic (and pink!) signature cocktail—the Rosa Eterna from Paula LeDuc and Josh Gruetzmacher! It’s a beautiful blend of grapefruit, lemon and rose syrup, with a dash of sparkling rosé. We think this cocktail is perfect for your next date night or girls’ night in. And don’t forget to tag your #SnippetandInkSigCocktail photos on Instagram!

Josh Gruetzmacher, Paula LeDuc | Snippet & Ink

Rosa Eterna


• Glass – 6.5 oz. potrero glass
• Method – muddle; shake & fine-strain
• Garnish – skewered raspberry
• .25 oz. fresh lemon juice
• .25 oz. rose syrup
• 3 raspberries – Muddle
• .5 oz. pink grapefruit juice
• 1 oz. gin
• .75 oz. Lillet Rosé Sparkling Wine


In the bottom of an empty mixing glass muddle the raspberries with rose syrup and fresh lime juice. Add the pink grapefruit juice, gin, Lillet Rosé and ice. Cap the mixing glass with a mixing tin and shake hard for 10 seconds. Using a small, fine-mesh strainer, strain the cocktail into the potrero glass and top with sparkling wine (we recommend Prosecco). Garnish and serve.


 Josh Gruetzmacher and Paula Le Duc Fine Catering are Snippet & Ink Select vendors.


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