Signature Cocktail :: Summer’s End, Champagne Cocktail with Honeysuckle

honeysuckle champagne cocktail, signature cocktail

Photo: Clary Pfeiffer

When I was a girl, my friends and I would search for honeysuckle in a meadow near our homes and eat the edible, sweet nectar out of the flowers. It’s a special smell and taste that will always remind me of those carefree summer days. This Summers-End Champagne Cocktail with Honeysuckle is full of all that happy flavor, and it’s beyond easy to make. You can find honeysuckle flowers at your local apothecary, RIGHT HERE, or forage them yourself like I used to do!



Honeysuckle Syrup:

1 cup honeysuckle blossoms
1 cup organic sugar
1 cup water

In a saucepan over medium heat add the water and sugar, stirring occasionally until sugar crystals dissolve. Turn heat off and add the honeysuckle blossoms to mixture. Cover so the blossoms seep for an hour, infusing the syrup with honeysuckle. When the time is complete pour syrup through a sieve into a glass container to store. Place in refrigerator for storage up to 1 month.

Recipe adapted from this lavender simple syrup recipe.






1 ounce honeysuckle syrup
top with Champagne
garnish with honeysuckle flower and lemon zest


Thank you Clary for sharing this delicious recipe with us!  See more Signature Cocktails RIGHT HERE.


  • Carol says:

    I just told me husband we are doing this at the summers end..I love honeysuckle wine..I love champagne..this looks delicious

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