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If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, I imagine that you might be looking for ways to save money without sacrificing style. Or maybe you’re a newlywed, wondering what to do with the extra 200 balloons left over from your wedding reception. Enter BravoBride. It’s an online marketplace where brides, newlyweds and wedding vendors can buy and sell new and pre-owned wedding items. From dresses to jewelry to decorations, on BravoBride you can buy and sell just about anything to do with weddings.

How about a Rivini gown for less than half the original price, or a never worn platinum engagement ring and wedding band set (that retails for $6500) on sale for $2500? Plus, with the holidays coming up, BravoBride is a great place to find the perfect gift or party decorations. Definitely stop by and see what they have – you might find just the thing you’re looking for, but cheaper!


  • Gina Leigh says:

    Thanks so much for passing along this great find! I looked up the beautiful crystal candelabras and have passed along a link to one of my brides, who is incorporating lots of crystal elements into her shabby chic wedding. :)

  • Holly says:

    Such a clever way to save and recycle everything wedding. I love the idea of this site!

  • Sarah says:

    Awww, man! Why am I just learning about this now? A month too late! But maybe a place to unload the 200 tiny wooden stump place card holders?

  • Volunteer opportunities says:

    Wow! That blue diamond ring is absolutely stunning! I love it so much.

  • Sydney jobs says:

    Hmm BravoBride sounds very interesting… I have got to check this out. Thanks.

  • etienne says:

    i bought my dress off that site. a watters gown the seller had bought as a sample and not worn. it was a great deal and an easy transaction.

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