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Today, I’m excited to have a chance to highlight one of Snippet & Ink’s long-time sponsors, and an awesome company: Brilliant Earth. They make beautiful engagement rings (and wedding bands, and earrings, etc.), you can work with them to create a custom ring, and they’re known for excellent customer service. All of these things are reason enough to buy your wedding jewelry from them. But the thing I love most about Brilliant Earth is their commitment to ethical diamonds, cruelty-free jewelry, and eco-friendly precious metals. Here are a few of the gorgeous rings they offer…
{These two custom designed rings feature ethical sapphires.}
{Brilliant Earth offers both contemporary and vintage-inspired styles, all of them conflict-free.}

Brilliant Earth also donates 5% of their profits to communities impacted by the diamond trade. Learn more about their mission here, and spend some time looking through the beautiful pieces in their online store. Even if you already have your engagement ring and wedding band, it’s a great place to find classic diamond earrings, or maybe a Tahitian-pearl pendant, to wear on your wedding day.


  • Adina Marguerite says:

    Love brilliant earth! My fiance custom designed my all saphire engagement ring there! If you click on my name and go to the freckles and blondie blog you should find a picture on there. The best part is the big white saphire in the middle :-)

  • Meg @ Sienna Wedding says:

    These are gorgeous! The first one is my favorite… so lovely!

  • Adrienne says:

    I looove Brilliant Earth! My fiance picked out (by himself!) the one on the bottom left for me. It's SO gorgeous. I love it. I think we'll probably buy our bands from them too :)

  • GinSpaghetti says:

    We (and by "we" I mean my fiance!) bought our center stone from Brilliant Earth and our setting from Martin Flyer. I cannot say enough good about Brilliant Earth! I had decided I didn't want a diamond until I found them and on top of their stones being conflict free, they are amazing! I couldn't have been more pleased.

    And I should note that we (he)bought the stone sight unseen. We picked it by the specs online and it is gorgeous. When I took it to my local jeweler to have it cleaned I asked if we could look at it under the scope – he confirmed that it was a beautiful stone and he asked where we bought it.

    Brilliant Earth also includes information about the mine where their stones are found. We googled the mine and were able to see pictures of the Canadian mine and read about their worker safety programs.

    All in all – I LOVE Brilliant Earth and just wish more people knew about them. :)

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