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Not sure where to begin the search for a wedding photographer? Check out Cake & Pictures, an exclusive directory of the very best wedding photographers from around the world. Their highly selective list of photographers is organized by city, but all of their photographers are accustomed to traveling for weddings (so don’t fret if your wedding is in Oregon and you fall in love with a photographer based in Miami!).

Cake & Pictures makes it easy to quickly browse through their collection of nothing but the best photographers, and when you find one that strikes your fancy, you can contact him or her directly for pricing and availability.


  • The Hasslers says:

    The shoes at the top were also my wedding shoes! Funny.

  • thegirlinthepinkweddingdress.com says:

    I absolutely LOVE the bouquet that the bride is holding …gorgeous!

  • karey m. says:

    genius, all. but those freckles in the last shot?

    breathtaking, yes?

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