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As much as I absolutely love veils, lately I’m finding myself drawn to pretty headbands and flower headpieces, like these lovelies by Krystle of Feathers & Frills. She calls them confections, which sounds so perfect for such sweet and charming pieces. Here are just a few of the pretties you’ll find in her Etsy shop.

Hop over to Feathers & Frills’ shop to see all of the other bridal adornments that Krystle has listed – there’s plenty more where these came from. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have the hardest time choosing just one!

{photo credits: Jill Thomas}


  • miss fancy pants (the bride) says:

    I absolutely love their stuff. And you're definitely right, it's impossible to pick a favorite!

  • robyn says:

    i adore feathers and frills. adore. their pieces are so dainty and feminine – with a whimsical, fairy tail like touch. simply beautiful.

  • jill thomas photography says:

    i love feathers and frills! her hair peices are truly beautiful and they arrive in a gorgeous package that makes her house smell like spring! love it!

  • Starry Night Design Studio says:

    I am a fan of veils and headpieces (what other day can you get away with wearing something like that?), but I adore these. Perfect understated elegance.

  • Sarah @ Foglio Press says:

    Just beautiful! I love the idea of something a little different than a veil… Marking Feathers & Frills as a favorite right now!

  • nikki j says:

    oooh! I am eagerly awaiting my olivia head piece with customised feathers!!! cannot wait for it arrive. Krystle was a pleasure to deal with and I am sooooo glad I stumbled across her on Etsy!! xxxxxxx

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to know where that necklace with the flowers is from!! I checked Feathers & Frills' shop and did not see it on their site :(

  • Erin Leigh says:

    To die for! I am in love with all of these. If only I'd found them for my wedding last year. Maybe I can make my life a little more sparkly and order one, or a dozen!

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