Sponsored Post: Minted.com Design Contest

If you don’t know about the amazing resource that is Minted.com, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Not only do they have an incredible variety of some of the best wedding stationery around, from some of my very favorite designers, but they also run some really fun contests from time to time – and this time they asked me to be a guest judge! Out of more than 300 submissions, I’ve chosen 7 of my favorites to share with you here.
Augusta by Beth Perry Design
Lovenest by Kelly Robinson Harris
The Farmer’s Daughter by Oscar + Emma
Say Something by Hoodoos & Pancakes
Sunkissed by Sarah Lenger
Leaves and Flowers by Alison K.
Eternity by Milkmaid Press

So which ones are your favorites? Let the designers and Minted.com know which ones you love best by voting. Your favorite might even be available for purchase, because the top designs will be sold on Minted.com! Go vote here. Oh, and if you vote for 50 or more designs, you’ll receive 10% off a wedding related item on Minted.com. Just vote and then email designers[at]minted.com with the email address they used.


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