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Traveler’s Joy was one of the awesome sponsors who made possible the NYC engagement shoot giveaway last fall, and they’re a great resource for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding registry.

Traveler’s Joy allows members to register for any portion of their honeymoon, from flights and hotel stays, to snorkeling trips and spa treatments, and they have the lowest service fee of any full service honeymoon registry. And, when you register with them before April 15, you’re automatically entered to win a 7-night all-inclusive vacation to Jungle Bay Resort & Spa in Dominica! So if you’re already stocked up on pots and pans, Traveler’s Joy may be the perfect registry option for you.

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  • Tamra says:

    I love this idea. We are doing something similar by setting up a bunch of different honeymoon-related funds on myregistry.com. For example, we have a scuba diving fund, a helicopter tour fund, a hotel fund, etc. Once we see how much everyone contributed, we will be able to decide how many activities we can do while on our honeymoon to Aruba.

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