Board #565 | Seeing Stars

Mood: carefree whimsical elegance
Palette: night sky blue, silver and gray

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Row 1: MacAusland’s wool blankets / starburst earrings by H.Stern / “We Are Made Out of Stars” postcard by Yay Meeralee / vintage star map from Etsy // Row 2: wine glasses on rustic table, photo by Johnny Miller / star hair pin from Rodarte via This is Glamorous / blueberry buttermilk pie with star cut-outs from Adventures in Cooking / constellation embroidery hoop by Miniature Rhino // Row 3: blueberry arrangement from Little Flower School / Morgane Le Fay constellation dress via The Owls Are Not What They Seem / sparklers photo by Pam Cooley

Star gazing is such a summer activity for me – growing up spending summers in Montana, with its big big sky, we spent so many nights identifying constellations and hoping for shooting stars. Anyway, I thought it would be fun – and unexpected – to imagine a wedding that was equal parts elegant whimsy and relaxed rustic. Deep inky blue and sparkling silver, plus the weathered gray of barnwood or driftwood, makes for a romantic summer palette. Blankets, sparklers, and pie invite a carefree summer vibe, while starburst earrings and a whimsical dress add a little magic.


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