The Great Pumpkin Search and Happy Weekend!

Not much to say today except we’re going pumpkin picking tomorrow and I can’t wait to see my own little pumpkin toddling around the pumpkin patch! Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! (I’m imagining it will be just like this photo from The Artist and The Architect except that instead of evening sunlight we’ll be going as early in the morning as we possibly can – such is life with a 16 month old.) Have a happy weekend!

The Artist and the Architect

This restaurant wants to be the worst rated on Yelp. Hilarious.

Edible glitter is just begging to be put into ice cubes.

Such a delightful invite for a masquerade ball.

Definitely want to give this DIY a try. Just have to figure out which photo and where to hang it!

The most perfect paper map of the United States and why, via Design Mom.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sunglasses to replace my favorite sunglasses of all time that I’ve managed to permanently misplace, and I think I may have found them.

How about a name necklace in your own handwriting?

“We are living in an age when sleep is more comfortable than ever and yet more elusive.”

Vintage wedding flowers never go out of style.

How itty bitty bees take on gigantic hornets and win (think team work).

Never would have guessed yellow eye makeup could look so darn pretty.

I’m speaking at Oh So Inspired in November! Will I see you there?!


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