The Mrs. Box Heirloom Velvet Ring Boxes + a Giveaway!

I have a deep love of beautiful things. Objects that are thoughtfully made, that add a little loveliness and charm to life. You know that quote from William Morris? “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I strive for that. Which is just a long way of getting to my point which is: I’d like you to meet The Mrs. Box and her stunning collection of ring boxes. Needless to say that they fit Mr. Morris’s criteria.

heirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs Box

Left: The Antoinette with gold foil monogram. 

Somewhere down the line, ring boxes were relegated to the realm of utility, but it wasn’t always that way. And Summer Watkins (stylist, blogger, all-around lovely lady) could see no reason it had to stay that way, so The Mrs. Box was born. And I must say, Brava my dear! Well done!


heirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs Boxheirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs Box

Left: The Havana. Right: The Cabana.

I love that they are modern-day heirlooms. I love the idea of a gentleman kneeling in front of his lady love with one of these in hand – a “harbinger of joy.” I find them irresistibly delightful, and I want one in every color (but if I had to choose it would be The Antoinette for me). And maybe it’s knowing that this pre-war French velvet was made in mills that no longer exist, but there’s a bit of magic about them, too…


heirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs Boxheirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs Box

Top left: The Gardener.


heirloom velvet ring boxes from The Mrs Box

Left: The Louis V. 



UPDATE! This giveaway is now close. Congratulations to the winner Jennigray who said: “If I had to choose just one…Louis V….my ring was my grandmothers and is the most beautiful vintage ring. A Mrs. Box would be the perfect home for it when I sleep and wash dishes!”

To enter, head over to The Mrs. Box and check out all their colors. Then come back to this post and leave a comment telling us which gorgeous velvet box you’d most like to call your very own (good luck picking just one favorite!). The winner will receive a ring box in the color of his/her choice (pending availability), with a gold foil monogram if desired. 

Contest begins Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 5:30AM PDT, and ends Friday, October 31, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT. Winner will be selected by Snippet & Ink and announced on this post. Please note: winner must live in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec).

Official contest rules.

Vendor Credits

Photography: Jose Villa and Joel Serrato / Styling: Type A Society and Grey Likes Weddings / Rings: Trumpet and Horn / Stationery: Shannon Kirsten


  • Savannah says:

    I just got engaged a week ago and I’d love to have a beautiful box like this to hold my ring when I’m not wearing it! I LOVE the darlington color, I think it would look just lovely with my aquamarine ring.

  • Alyssa W says:

    Definitely the Cambridge. I was just thinking of putting green velvet ceiling to floor curtains in my dream bedroom. Moody and dark- perfect for a forest inspired bedroom. and the Cambridge will fit right in.

  • Kacie says:

    I LOVE the Winchester! They are all incredible– I think I might like my ring even better in one of these boxes than on my finger!!

  • Diane says:

    oh, so hard to pick! The Louis V first caught my eye, so I’ll have to go with that first look.

  • Vivian Peets says:

    Definitely the Capri! The colour is so beautiful – perfect for my June orchard wedding.

  • Jacob B says:

    The Gidget is amazing It’s so unique and has it’s own flavor. It would fit our Wedding colors perfect! My fiance would love this if we won it and I surprised her! Beautiful boxes all around! You have an excellent gift of style.

  • Courtney says:

    I just love the Gardener. You could imagine it holding an engagement ring on the farm in the fall, just as the last bit of green is disappearing from the trees, or in a ballroom in winter next to a bouquet of holly greens. As a couple tiptoe-ing the line between rustic and elegant for our wedding, the Gardener’s soft color and rich velvet does just that.

  • Dawn Pfeiffer says:

    The Capri is my fave with The Hampton as a close second. Because my engagement ring was shipped as a special order, I don’t have a box for my wedding set. My husband actually borrowed a box from my mother when he proposed. :)

  • Sarah S. says:

    They’re all so pretty but the Antoinette is the color for me. It just seems so classic.

  • Katestork says:

    Although I love every single one I would have to say that the Corsette is by far my favorite. The bold pink color is so striking and it would stand out no matter where it was located! Although I already have a special spot for it on my bedside table.

  • Shelby says:

    They are all so beautiful, but if I had to pick just one it would be The Cabana!

  • Jessie says:

    I LOVE the Hampton. I would swoon if my boyfriend proposed with one of these gorgeous boxes.

  • Jenn says:

    I adore the Winchester box in dark grey! I think it would look great with my tanzanite engagement ring.

  • Grace says:

    Yep! You are right! It is absolutely impossible to choose just ONE of the precious boxes!

    However, if it meant having the most special piece of jewelry in my life, live in one of these sweet boxes…it would have to be {{The Circumstance}}. Such a wonderful giveaway S&I!

  • Carley says:

    I would love love love the Louis V!!! It would go so spectacularly with my black/gold/oxblood wedding scheme :-)

  • Jessica says:

    I love the Louis V! I do not have a box for my engagement ring so this would be just perfect! :)

  • Breanne Johnson says:

    These are S T U N N I N G! I would be the happiest bride if I received the Antoinette with a gold foiled S. I am getting married May 24, 2015 and this would be the perfect accessory to my beautiful solitare engagment ring!

  • Sara says:

    I adore the Antoinette. A classic vintage blue that will perfectly compliment my classic oval diamond ring!

  • Lauren says:

    The gIdget is my favorite! And it goes perfectly with my girls bridesmaids dresses! Seems like a match made in heaven for some beautiful photos! FINGERS CROSSED!

  • Amalia Polsinelli says:

    The Louis V with an ‘S’ monogram for my new last name! I’ve been dreaming of using this ring box to keep our wedding bands safe before we exchange vows and rings during our winter wedding in January. Would love to feature it in our photography – it would add such a special touch!

  • I just love the Darlington! Pink and grey were my wedding colors. These boxes are gorgeous! My ring would look so beautiful in this box (Monogrammed with a B!) on my bedside table.

  • Stephanie Hoffman says:

    For me it is a toss up between the antoinette and the cabana. Both are so gorgeous.

  • Maital says:

    Pick just one?!!?! However is one meant to choose! Each time I choose one I start to favour another. Although the one I keep going back to – The Cambridge – in all its richness and glory!
    Thank you for introducing us to a new place to visit…

  • Nikki says:

    I love the Darlington! It’s so pretty and would look so sweet and dainty displayed on my dresser.

  • The Louis V! Classically gorgeous and dark – would be the perfect compliment to the burgundy peonies and ranunculus in my bouquet!

  • I would love the Gidget, the color compliment my diamond and sapphire ring beautifully.

  • Amie Barber says:

    I just can’t take my eyes off the Circumstance. It’s the perfect shade of mint and would be a fabulous addition to our special day. Beautiful!

  • I want the Gidget! (I love all of them actually) I design custom rings, and these might be my new go-to boxes!!!

  • Danielle says:

    The Louis V is my absolute favorite. My husband and I eloped and we haven’t told all of our friends and family yet, so I don’t wear my rings on a daily basis. I would love something beautiful to store them in (and look at longingly) until I can tell the world I’m a married lady!!

  • Samantha says:

    The Louis V would hold my grammas gold engraved Tiffany’s wedding band from 1944 perfectly! Such a treasured family heirloom deserves a beautiful box!

  • Spencer Ray says:

    the Louis V is simply stunning and it matches all the decor in my room, i already have the perfect spot to showcase it! and the perfect vintage Chanel ring from my grandma to put in it! i love MRS BOX!!!

  • Lauren says:

    I would love to have the Louis V! The color perfectly matches my wedding colors. When my fiance proposed in February my ring came in a light up box! Definitely gave the moment an extra oomph but it’s a little cheesy. I’d love a Mrs. Box to have my ring photographed in our our wedding day!

  • Every time I see these lovely and exquisite little boxes they leave me in reverie, I pause to enjoy their luxurious vintage velvet and delicious colors. My favorite is The Antoinette.

  • Kate says:

    These are so pretty! I love the rainbow of hues. The Pomp and The Gardener both caught my eye.

  • Kate F. says:

    I’d love to have the Antoinette for my platinum engagement ring! Thanks for the giveaway, Kathryn!

  • I love love love all of the colors! I thinkkkkk my favorite is the Jubilee (super difficult choice).

  • These are stunning! I love the Winchester – it’s a perfect match to my grandmother’s beloved antique velvet chair.

  • Erin M says:

    I love love love the Gardner! It’s always been one of my favorite shades of green!! But you are right! It was hard to pick just one!

  • Molly Mann says:

    I love love love the Louis V. I have been obsessing over these boxes for the longest time!

  • Catharine says:

    I love The Hampton! Such a gorgeous color- I love the way it pops without being too in your face.

  • Jenny says:

    I love the subtle yet striking color of the Parlour! The dimensional pink brings to mind a bed of soft peonies.

  • Megan says:

    My long-distance boyfriend just gave me an opal promise ring and it would look perfect in The Cabana Mrs. Box! We are so excited and would love something equally as beautiful to display our promise in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Clare says:

    Oh wow – the colours are incredible, they remind me of Laudree macarons! And, like Laudree, how to choose just one?! The Cambridge has to be my number one favourite (and I promise not to try to eat it if I win).

  • Lauren says:

    I love love love The Parlour for my gorgeous engagement ring! The Darlington is also amazing as well! So hard to decide my favorite because I love them all!

  • Tess says:

    My incredible fiancé asked me to be his wife 3 weeks ago, and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I would love nothing more than to tuck my most valuable possession in a beautiful Mrs. Box! The CIRCUMSTANCE – I can just see it photographed at our mid-century modern, Bossanova themed wedding!!

  • Katherine says:

    The rainbow of colors that they offer is fabulous. The capri color is my favorite for any ring involving diamonds! :)

  • I am so in love with The Cambridge, as it matched my wedding palette perfectly! I would love to have such a lovely place to keep my special engagement ring!

  • Kelsea says:

    I would die to have the Louis V!!!! I’m getting married on February 6th. This would be the perfect addition to my wedding accessories.

  • Anne Elyse Chambers says:

    I love the corsette for me and the gidget for my groom! And yes to the gold monogram:)

  • Steph H says:

    I love them all, and have it marked on my Christmas list for my engagement ring! My favorite color is the Gidget!

  • Jessica Quinn says:

    The Hampton is the one I would have to pick! The color is just stunning! But how can you really choose with such amazing choices!? They are absolutely amazing!

  • Amy Hollis says:

    I received a family heirloom as a “pre-engagement” ring. How delicious it would look in The Corsette with an “S” for my soon-to-be last name (11/1!!) when she’s not on my hand! Absolutely stunning!

  • Kayla says:

    My boyfriend proposed this summer with a stunning sapphire ring. The sapphire blue would look so great in the Commodore box.

  • Mary Margaret says:

    The Capri! It’s a heavenly shade of blue, and would look truly beautiful with a gold foil initial.

  • Laurie says:

    The Hampton would fit perfectly with our theme/colours. Oh, it’s just heavenly.

  • Oh my I’ve just come across these beauties, I would adore if my engagement ring could live in a ‘The Cambridge’ box when it’s not on my finger… My gold and diamond band would look even more gorgeous in it. Oh and the fun to be had on Instagram with these boxes is endless. *fingers & toes are crossed*

  • It’s hard picking just one! I would love any single one of these. That said, The Parlour just looks so lush, and straight out of a Wes Anderson movie – it’s beautiful.

  • Danielle Emerick says:

    I mean how does a girl pick!? I’ve been eyeing these beauties since they were on presale. My favorite has to be the Darlington. It matches my wedding colors perfectly and I would love to have it by my sink to give my ring a stylish home!!

  • danielle says:

    I’m in love with the Havana!!! The color represents my style; which is vintage! It’s that bohomeian pop of color that would rock my ring bearer pillow! I’m drooling over all of them but the Havana is definitely my favorite !!!!!

  • Karla says:

    I am a lover of all things vintage… These boxes are absolutely beautiful in every shade. Owning the Louis V would be a real dream come true! It’s so perfect for a fall wedding!

  • Hannah says:

    The Cambridge would really set off my yellow gold engagement ring. Beautiful!

  • Lydia says:

    Honestly I love them all! But one of my favorites is the parrot! That green is so lush :)

  • Allison says:

    Impossible to choose just one! But The Circumstance is definitely one of my favorites. Thank you!!

  • Jean says:

    I love how beautifully pigmented all of the colors are, but The Louis V (oxblood) is so beautiful and perfect for a fall wedding!

  • Melissa O. says:

    Oh my gosh, my grandmother use to have one just like The Commodore, but it was stolen. I would love to win that color and start a new heirloom. Great collection!! <3

  • Vanessa says:

    The are all lovely but I really do love the Cambridge in that velvety emerald green.

  • Hannah says:

    So pretty…and so hard to choose! The gardener perhaps, because green is my favorite color.

  • I LOVE the Corsette heirloom box! It’s beautiful! It just so happens my wedding colors are raspberry and gold. The monogram would go wonderfully!

  • Morgan says:

    All of the colors are amazing, but I think I am drawn to The Gardener the most.. Such a lovely shade of green!

  • Jennifer says:

    They’re all lovely, but the Commodore would offset my sapphire ring nicely.

  • Brenda says:

    I can’t possibly choose one…such gorgeous colors, they’re all my favorites!

  • It IS hard to pick just one…but the Louis V is my favorite, both bold & classic!! Hopefully I’ll be finding my own ring in one of these soon :)

  • Susie says:

    The Antoinette is to die for! The Commodore is a very close second. I would be happy with ANY of them. though! They are just stunning.

  • Amber Reaves says:

    I love The Hampton! What a beautiful shade in gorgeous velvet! It would be truly wonderful to have such a place to hold a special ring.

  • Amber Reaves says:

    I love The Hampton! Such a beautiful box in a lovely shade! It would be wonderful to have this box to hold a special ring.

  • Stephanie says:

    This is a brilliant, brilliant shop. Why can I not have all of them?! I really love The Circumstance. There’s something about a minty green that would look like a beautiful contrast with rubies and sapphires.

  • Megan Proplesch says:

    It’s really hard to pick just one favorite, but I do love the Capri!!

  • Pallapat S. says:

    I am in love with The parrot. It matches our upcoming wedding colors in May.

  • I’ve been DYING over these for what seems like months and continually change my “favorite” but right now I’m stuck on The Cambridge! <3 Thanks for conducting a giveaway!

  • Corrie says:

    Absolutely love EVERY color!! The parlour is one of my favs!!! Would love to have a special place for my ring when it’s off!

  • Catherine Kwan says:

    You are absolute dolls for doing this giveaway :) I would get the Winchester for my adoring husband-to-be so he won’t have to place his wedding bamd on the nightstand <3 xo Catherine

  • Jill says:

    I love the Parrot! I married an Irishman, my ring is an Emerald cut diamond, and that green – gorgeous!

  • Meghan says:

    I absolutely love the Hampton!!! And would LOVE to use it on our Big Day!

  • Jesse says:

    I could find a ring for every single box, but the necessities are The Havana, The Louis V and The Pomp.

  • Amanda says:

    The Louis V, amazingly classic and royal. My ring would look great resting in that little beautiful box.

  • Eeinie Meenie Miney Mo… they all are absolutely gorgeous! The Louis V takes the crown. I may be biased due to that color being used in our November wedding :) but in all seriousness Bravo to a beautiful collection!

  • Chelsea Van Arnam says:

    That was the hardest decision ever! I would have to say The Corsette!

  • Samantha Kreeger says:

    They’re all so beautiful, but I think the Winchester is my favorite!!

  • Sara says:

    Loving the hues of blue, but I would have to say that The Antoinette is my absolute favorite! Gorgeous boxes all around!

  • Kate says:

    I love the Winchester. If I could wrap my world in grey velvet I’d be in heaven. Or maybe just a restoration hardware catalog?

  • Callie M says:

    The Parlour is so utterly romantic and would be the perfect colored backdrop for my heirloom ring. Can’t wait to pass it on to my future little ones, and having a box so beautifully crafted would be the icing on the cake!

  • Lindsay W says:

    I absolutely love these, an absolute treasure all by itself! My favorite would have to be The Pomp!

  • Krishanna says:

    My Henri Daussi cushion cut engagement ring would fit beautifully in the Havana box! Loved these vintage boxes the minute I saw them on Grey-Likes-Weddings!

  • Christine J says:

    I love the Cambridge. These ring boxes are so beautiful, would be perfect to hold my custom made engagment ring and maybe pass my ring down to a grandchild one day.

  • Anne Marie says:

    Loving the Gardener for my new engagement ring! They are all quite lovely!

  • Anne-Marie says:

    Definitely the Antoinette with gold foil monogram. Those are our wedding colors. Absolutely gorgeous and romantic!!

  • I would absolutely love any color, but I guess if I had to pick one it would be the Parrot. Thank you so much for doing such a fun giveaway!

  • Margie says:

    The Gardener is our favorite for my son and soon to be daughter-in-law’s upcoming wedding. It’s their color….. Love it. I would love to win it for them.

  • I’m SO happy that you’re featuring The Mrs Box and even more happy that you’re also giving one away! I would be so thrilled to own the Capri. <3

  • Heather says:

    I adore the Cambridge, but the Corsette is a close second! Love that The Mrs. Box is putting a little romance back in a ring box <3

  • Kate says:

    The new Mrs. Shilling would love a Cambridge! So sad the Mrs. Box hadn’t launched prior to my recent wedding :(

  • Charlie says:

    I have to agree, the Antoinette would be my pick. There is something about that perfect shade of periwinkle that gets me every time! xx

  • Danielle Castilla says:

    Definitely The Gidget! It is one of our wedding colors and absolutely perfect to keep my ring in.

  • Kaytee says:

    *swoon* I adore the circumstance box. It’s the exact same color as the box my great grandma had for her ring.

  • The Darlington hands down! It’s the perfect pink and matches beautifully with our wedding colors! So excited for this giveaway :) !!

  • Shelly says:

    I’d have to say “The Parlour” because the ring I have is from a Great Aunt who adored that color. The ring, needless to say, would live in that box to remind me of it’s former owner.

  • The beautiful Capri! Followed closely by the Hampton… Great contest! Thanks for having it so I could discover your lovely site!

  • The beautiful Capri! Followed closely by the Hampton… Thank you for hosting this giveaway so I could discover your lovely site!

  • Tiffany says:

    It’s a tough choice between The Hampton and The Antoinette….. And all of the other beautiful colors! Thanks for giving all of us brides to be the opportunity to win.

  • H. Elizabeth says:

    I love them all but the Admiral is my favorite. A lovely French blue for this amazing French velvet.

  • ciara says:

    So hard to pick just one! I think the Louis V would show off my sapphire best

  • These boxes are gorgeous! With a proposal in my near future I would love if my boyfriend used one of these. Hard to choose one color but I’m gonna go with The Cabana.

  • Kat S says:

    I love all of them. Would love a collection! I have a gorgeous vintage ring for this. I guess I’d choose the pomp, havana or hampton!

  • Elyse says:

    I am getting married in 6 months in Charleston, SC and I would absolutely love to the CAPRI box to have such as a special momento. I have been looking at the Mrs. Boxes since we got engaged and it would make my day to have one.

  • Sara N. says:

    Loving The Antoinette, would love to have it for my upcoming wedding! The photos are just stunning!

  • amanda says:

    I have had my eye on these gorgeous boxes for sometime! so in love with the admiral color. Would be AMAZING to have for our wedding day photographs! Pretty, pretty please pick me! Xo

  • Alison says:

    The Louis V is the box for me and my Solange Azagury-Partridge sparkler!

  • Jessica says:

    I would have to say the Admiral is my favorite – the bright vivid royal blue symbolizes to me: peace, calm and the sapphires in my engagement ring, my husbands ring and my wedding ring!

  • Emily says:

    The Cambridge box is stunning and velvet is my absolute favorite! These ring boxes are just so pretty. When you said good luck picking just one you weren’t kidding!

  • Victoria says:

    Oh my darling! I could see all of these having their own special place on my vanity and in my heart! For the sake of a contest, I must pick the Darlington! Such an elegant pillow for my diamond!

  • Emily Driggs says:

    This post was very well written and a seemingly perfect ode to these amazing little boxes. After checking them out, I think The Darlington would be the box I call my own, especially since it was one of my wedding colors!

  • Solenice Anderson says:

    The Louis V is one of my wedding colors so I’d have to pick that one! I love love love these! I have yet to find the perfect spot to tuck my ring away when I’m doing dishes/laundry and these are so me.

  • Amalia says:

    This is so lovely! I am enchanted by each and every one. But I guess I’d have to pick the Gardener! Would look perfect in pictures of my February wedding!

  • Litty says:

    I love The Gardener! It looks amazing and would love this for my wedding. :)

  • Kasia says:

    I just got engaged two weeks ago and have been looking for a special place to put my ring for the occasional times I have to take it off and I’m in love with The Gardner – although it is so hard to pick just one!

  • Such a lovely idea and gorgeous product. It’s so hard to choose just one, but I think Antoinette is simply stunning!

  • Dana says:

    I want one in every color!!!!

    But if I had to narrow it down, I’d probably go with the gorgeous teal of the Cambridge, because my engagement ring is a bezel-set teal diamond in white gold <3

  • Rachel says:

    I absolutely love The Jubilee! Not only is the box itself beautuful, but it makes the ring stand out. Incredibly stunning.

  • Laura says:

    I think the one I like best is The Louis V, it goes great with my autumn wedding colors.

  • Stephanie Tisdale says:

    I would love The Gidget! I have a beautiful antique ring set that would look stunning in the soft lavender and it’s totally my style of soft and pretty with lace everywhere!

  • The Winchester is a timeless classic, so that would be my first choice; it is stunning and would go with a little bit of everything!!

  • Anna says:

    These little velvet ring boxes make me swoon! I’d have to go with The Darlington.

  • Adrienne Alkema says:

    My daughter is getting married January 10th 2015..she is love with the “Commodore” velvet ring box. I would so love to surprise her with this! Thanks so much!

  • Jane B. says:

    Oh, my goodness, are those boxes gorgeous! I have to say The Hampton is my favorite. No, wait, it’s The Havana. Yes, The Havana. No, wait, definitely The Hampton….

  • Regina says:

    I’ve surprised myself by preferring the Circumstance (I would have thought I’d like pink). It must remind me of something.. And that’s the point of these, isn’t it? Instant nostalia?

  • Becca says:

    Love love love The Admiral. So beautiful! Would love to use it at my wedding.

  • Kari says:

    I just got engaged and I absolutely love Havana. The color is stunning and so usual. Its beautifully vintage feel is so welcoming and joyous.

  • Laura says:

    Absolutely love The Antoinette! Delicate color that would pop with a beautiful sapphire engagement ring!! Gorgeous!!

  • Laura says:

    The Cambridge is stunning! If I’m not the lucky winner, I’ll be sending my fiance to The Mrs. Box. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Karissa says:

    Louis V all the way! It’s the color of the dahlias from my wedding bouquet. :)

  • Renata says:

    The Gardner is my favorite color. It reminds me of a velvet box my grandmother had in Transylvania before we moved to the U.S.

  • Hannah says:

    I love both the Gardener and the Antoinette! But really, I mean, the whole collection would be great… ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Meredith says:

    Would absolutely love to have the Parlour rink box with my soon to be initial embossed on the top! The shade of pink is stunning and matches my wedding colors! Fingers crossed for one of these lovely boxes!

  • Jill McAlister says:

    I la la love the Circumstance! The green really closely matches one of our main colors from our outdoor wedding. So bright and beautiful! This would be such a wonderful keepsake!

  • If I had to choose just one…Louis V….my ring was my grandmothers and is the most beautiful vintage ring. A Mrs. Box would be the perfect home for it when I sleep and wash dishes!

  • MichelleP says:

    The Capri is irrestistable! Love that you’re creating this opportunity! Feeling excited! :)

  • Jules says:

    The Commodore would look beautiful holding my engagement ring on the dresser in our cream and gray room!

  • Peggy says:

    The Circumstance-one of my wedding colors and a nod to the Green Mountains of Vermont where we tied the knot on the same wedding date as my parents!

  • Sara says:

    The Antoinette is the perfect blue and would look great in our upcoming wedding photographs! Thanks for the opportunity to win one : )

  • Theresa says:

    Dear The Gardener,

    Looking at you, I see the deep green shadows of the ocean and the lush green gardens that fill my heart with cherished memories. I think it’s love.

  • Aislin says:

    absolutely swooning over the Commodore. the exact shade of grey as my wedding colors!

  • Melanie says:

    Just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! The Commodore box with a gold “O” would be a great way to remember it by!

  • Sara says:

    Thinking The Antoinette would go perfectly with my upcoming blue color palette wedding! Just love the look of these gorgeous boxes!

  • hailey says:

    The circumstance for me and the winchester for my future hubby – I would love to have pretty ring boxes be part of our wedding day. I swoon every time I see them!

  • Trish K says:

    The Hampton – the perfect pop of color on my nightstand! With ‘K’ monogrammed for my new last name – these are so lovely!

  • Johnae says:

    It’s a tough call… I have been following the Mrs. Box since they started appearing online and I am obsessed… It’s a tough call but I think “The Winchester” takes the cake for me! Close and tied for second are “The Havana” and “The Louis V”!

  • Melissa C says:

    I’m torn between Capri and Jubilee!! They were my wedding colors. I’m going to go with Capri!

  • My heart stopped when I saw these ring boxes for the first time. The admiral will accentuate the beauty of my ring! It is my favorite! I absolutely adore these ring boxes! My wedding colors are blue and white with pops of color and we have a southern vintage theme so this is perfect!!

  • Swan says:

    I love them all but I definitely need something old, something new and somehing Blue…the Admiral is the right way to go – it is very regal, royal blue:) love that the mrs boxes are made wih vintage french velvet. I so hope I win, in time for my wedding on Nov 16!!! Please please please, pretty please?! :)

  • I didn’t even have to look at the website because I’ve been on the verge of purchasing The Antoinette for weeks!!

  • Wow this is an impossible choice! I think I’d go with the Capri although the Commodore is a very close second!

  • Laura says:

    I would love to surprise my daughter with The Antoinette for her wedding day! It is her favorite color, and would be such a special gift!

  • Kathleen says:

    Would love box in the gardener for my sister who is getting married in February!

  • Lisa says:

    Oh they’re all just lovely!
    It was a toss up between the Antoinette and the Hampton.
    I think the Hampton though.

  • Valerie Smith says:

    Thank you again for the giveaway! Fingers crossed! @brandonandvalerie on Instagram, @ralvyandbubba in Twitter and Valerie Smith on Facebook!

  • Valerie Smith says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! Ring fingers crossed! @brandonandvalerie on Instagram, @ralvyandbubba on Twiter and Valerie Smith on Facebook!

  • Mary P. says:

    I’ve been lusting after these little boxes since I first heard about them! My mom has a gorgeous heirloom ring that I’d love to surprise her with a lovely box for. I think she’d love the Gardener!

  • The Louis V for me, the bark rich hues would look fabulous when presenting a older item, like a nice Victorian ring. That would secure a ‘YES’ if presenting an engagement ring.

  • Alissa says:

    The Norah Rae would go gorgeous with my ring! Thanks for doing this!

  • First of all I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask
    if you don’t mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts
    before writing. I have had difficulty clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there.
    I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are
    usually wasted simply just trying to figure out how to
    begin. Any recommendations or hints? Thank you!

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