Three Wedding Bouquets from Twig & Twine

If you follow me on Instagram, you know what a sucker I am for beautiful flowers – I just can’t get enough of them! Today, Heather Williams from Twig & Twine and Heather Johnson Mullin from Adelphi Productions are here to share three beautiful bouquets with us, each one designed with a particular bride in mind…

The Romantic Bride
Christina McNeill, Twig & Twine

This sweet and peachy bouquet includes ranunculus, garden roses, honeysuckle, and oregano, tied with three types of ribbon.

Christina McNeill, Twig & Twine

Says Heather, “In a soft palette of ivory, butter yellow, peach and light orange, this lush, round bouquet speaks of Spring. Loose honeysuckle gives it a slightly asymmetrical aspect, ranunculus and garden roses form a large cluster of gorgeous blooms, while decorative oregano adds a garden touch to soften things up.”


The Earthy Bride
Christina McNeill, Twig & Twine

This loose, textured cascade includes anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, scabiosa flowers, garden roses, peonies, decorative artichoke, thistle, veronica, spirea, and geranium.

Christina McNeill, Twig & Twine

“For this cascading bouquet, I imagined the bride walking down the aisle cradling it in one arm rather than holding it with two hands. Instead of large blooms, I used decorative artichokes as a main focal point to keep things interesting, and the result is a rustic picked-from-the-garden look without feeling too wild. The bouquet is finished with various loose ribbons and a soft ivory lace.”


The Bold Bride
Christina McNeill, Twig & Twine

This uniquely spirited bouquet includes peonies, ranunculus, garden roses, hellebores, lilac, an air plant, and umbrella fern.

Christina McNeill, Twig & Twine

“This is definitely the outspoken bouquet of the bunch! She is bright, bold and unusual. A large air plant offsets the coral peonies, fuchsia garden roses and lush dark lilac. Umbrella fern accents the edges and creates a frame. This bouquet definitely isn’t for a bride looking to blend in. It’s still feminine, but the mix of lush blooms along with non-typical greenery makes for a nice contrast.”

So which type of bride are you? I’d say I’m a “Romantic” but there are things I really love about all three of these looks.


Thanks to Christina McNeill for sharing photos of these beautiful bouquets with us!

See all of the photos from this lovely shoot in the gallery.

Vendor Credits

Photographer: Christina McNeill / Floral Design: Twig & Twine / Event Planner, Stylist: Adelphi Productions / Venue: Santa Barbara Historical Museum in Santa Barbara, California


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