Vintage Bride :: 1940’s Newlyweds


Image submitted by Meredith Heuer via Save Family Photos.


“My grandparents were married in 1941. They had known each other since grade school but apparently my grandma was involved with someone else when my grandpa first fell for her. When she was ready to receive my grandfather’s attention, she wrote a note to a friend that said, very bluntly, “I like Clarence Heuer now.” Then, she tore it up, but somehow the pieces got into the hands of my grandfather who taped it up to see what it said. The rest is, of course, is history.

When my grandmother was in her eighties, I asked her if she had done all of that on purpose with the hope that my grandfather would see her note. With a wink and a nod, she revealed the truth. Their marriage survived 65 years and I truly believe they loved each other more each day.”


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