Vintage Bride :: 1950s Backyard Wedding :: Dorothy & Conrad

We’ve been getting so much great feedback lately for our Vintage Bride posts, especially when a movie clip is involved!  This week we’re sharing snippets from Dorothy and Conrad’s 1951 wedding (I think their getaway might be my favorite part), submitted from photographer Connie Balluff:


“My grandpa Conrad passed away in 2004 just shy of them celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary. They were married on July 1, 1951 in Muscoy, California. Conrad was a Navy Seaman just 19 years old and Dorothy was 17 when they got married. She had a rough childhood and felt my grandpa rescued her from her rough foster care situation at the time. Shortly after they were wed, Conrad served overseas in Japan/Korea during the Korean War. When he told you stories of it, he did so while flashing his bald eagle arm tattoo. They had two boys and lived a beautiful, simple life in Southern California together. My grandma passed away this past December and during the 12 years they were apart she looked at his pictures and talked about him every day. They were true soul mates and such an example to me of lasting commitment!”


Do you have a Vintage Bride story you’d like to share with us?  If so, send us your pictures (and or films!) along with a story.

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