Vintage Bride :: 1970s Wedding in Trinidad

It’s exciting to see submissions come through for our Vintage Bride series, and thanks to Snippet & Ink reader Dionne, we’re delighted to share today’s darling¬†post…

“My parents were married on June 28, 1970 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Mom wore a dress made by her brother who was a tailor! Their wedding reception was held at my grandmother’s house with the street lined with neighbors to welcome the bride and groom. This photo shows my parents walking up the stairs to their reception, and also to the very spot where they met.

My parents met at a friends wedding as they were both part of the bridal party. In Trinidad, it was tradition for the groomsmen to pick up the bridesmaid they were paired with for the wedding. He was smitten at first sight, and began courting my mom soon after. A few months later my dad moved to Canada to work as an electrician. My mom would join him about a year later once he was able to sponsor her.

June 28, 2017 would have been their 47th wedding anniversary, but sadly my mom passed away nearly 3 months prior. I can feel their joy and excitement when I look at this photo. So happy to be sharing their lives together, not knowing what the future holds. I wonder how they felt knowing that my dad would be leaving for Canada in a short while. That must have been so hard as newlyweds. It makes my heart swell and ache all at once.”


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