Vintage Bride :: Military Wedding and Bride Carrying Daisies

vintage bride carrying daisies


My grandmother, Virginia, was like an angel on earth. She was truly, truly amazing. She hand painted any and every card she ever gave to anyone, painted beautiful watercolor paintings, and truly lived by the word of God. My grandfather, Gerry, was one of a kind and had the kind of presence you just never forget, I’ll never meet anyone else like him again (except for my now boyfriend, who happens also to be a New Yorker just like my grandfather). They met at a 1940’s USO dance in Columbia, South Carolina. My grandmother was a military nurse from Hopkins, South Carolina and my grandfather was stationed in Columbia working in the Air Force. They gravitated to each other like magnets. My grandfather had the kind of love for my grandmother that was truly unique and very protective, and she loved him with the kind of faith you can only pray for. I miss them dearly and pray to them both every day for the kind of love they shared.


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