Vintage Bride :: Classic Getaway Car


Image from Virgin Vixen Vintage via Save Family Photos.

“Just married. My grandparents got married on June 18, 1955. They never had a proper album for their wedding photos, because all the photos were taken on Kodachrome slides and required a special viewer to see them. As a child, I always loved looking at the wedding photos with the viewer. My grandpa passed away in April of 2012 after almost 57 years of marriage. The batteries in the viewer had died, and my grandma had been upset she could not view the pictures. For her birthday that year, I secretly swiped the box with the wedding photos and took them to a special photo processing center that was able to scan them into digital images. I removed them all from their cases, and when they were returned, I painstakingly put them back in. I also replaced the batteries in the viewer. I had all of the pictures printed and placed them in an album, snuck into the house to put the original wedding photos back, and gave my grandma the printed album for her birthday.”

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