Vintage Bride :: A Couple Married 50 Years

This week’s Vintage Bride comes from Leili via Save Family Photos. Says Leili:

These two friends, artists and partners have celebrated 50 years of partnership. They came from different cultural and faith backgrounds and grew up thousands of miles away from each other (and from the US, which they subsequently made their home).

Their first, chance meeting at a large housewarming party in Cambridge, Massachusetts nearly did not take place. It might not have happened had my Dad arrived two minutes later, or had my Mum left two minutes earlier.

Although the cultures in which they were raised appear at first glance to be as different as it gets, my parents were raised in a very similar way – large, loving families, parents who dedicated their lives to serving and supporting others. And it turns out that although they were raised in faiths that had different names, the core, changeless values instilled in them by example were if not identical, then eminently compatible.

It clearly wasn’t easy. Countless biological, surrogate and adopted children/grandchildren later, they have worked towards something that seems quite challenging: that is, building a life of harmony and service despite near-constant tests and difficulties.

I pay tribute to them. They are an inspiration.



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