Vintage Bride :: Groovy Boho 1970s Wedding

We haven’t featured many Vintage Bride stories from the 70s, but this one from photographer Jessamyn Harris might take the cake (the roof!).

Jessamyn says, “The wedding was a wild time with guests watching the ceremony in the brick courtyard of my grandparents’ house and THE ROOF (which ultimately needed replacing!). My grandma wore the most fabulous so-very-1972-dress (that we had in our dress up box all through the 80s; how I wish we still did!), and my grandpa somehow wore two clashing plaids as part of his formal suit. Funny enough—not only did he invite his entire hunting club (who my parents didn’t know), but also hired a group of bagpipers to march up the beach playing “Amazing Grace” in order to celebrate what he thought was my dad’s family’s Scottish heritage (verdict’s still not in on whether or not we’re Scottish!). My dad wore a bolo tie and a very 70s headband (!!!), while my mom wore her mom’s wedding dress and head piece. And the bridesmaids were decked out in velvet or corduroy orange and brown floral prairie dresses with orange aprons! To complete their orange theme, their wedding cake was carrot covered with orange marigolds. There are stories that my grandpa shot off a homemade cannon, and roasted a pig on a homemade spit. Wild, wild times!

My parents were more than a little shell shocked, overwhelmed and surprised at how their own wedding unfolded as they weren’t much involved in the planning. But somehow all the crazy moments came together and they have stayed together for 45 years! I’m so glad they have stuck it out through their ups and downs. Seeing the way they support and love each other after so many years together and being each other’s best friend is a comfort and inspiration to me.”


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