Vintage Bride :: Margery & Gary, May 24, 1958

Thank you, everyone, for all your sweet notes and the warm welcome—it truly means so much! (If you missed my introduction in Monday’s feature, don’t worry, you can catch up right here.) I shared a bit about my own wedding earlier this week, and today I’d really love to share with you what inspires me the most: my grandparents! They’ve had an incredible influence on me—I even included them in my own identity and branding for my photography business. If there’s only one thing you have to know about me, it’s my deep-rooted connection to my family. And it’s all thanks to my amazing grandparents!


A few months ago we featured this beautiful wedding story from Martha Stewart Weddings Real Weddings Editor, Shira Savada, on her grandparents’ 1940s wedding. It included a beautiful film of their wedding day that reminded me so much of my grandparents’ 8mm movie. If you’ve been a long-time reader of Snippet & Ink you might remember our series Snapshot of a Marriage, where we interviewed couples about some of their secrets for a strong and successful marriage. Four years ago, almost around the same time I started working here at Snippet & Ink, I had my grandparents participate—you can see that post right here. Since this week is all about me introducing myself to you, I thought I would revisit that post—but this time from my point of view!

When my grandparents met, my grandpa was a police officer in Saint Joseph, Missouri. My grandma Margery was still in high school and worked at Katz Drugstore as a camera department clerk. My grandpa always had a thing for photography and film (it’s no wonder where my interest in photography came from!). My grandpa was smitten, head over heels, love-at-first-sight kind of love for my grandma. She was gorgeous—a tall brunette with brown eyes and porcelain skin. She was a good girl, a farm girl, the eldest of seven who valued family more than anything. My grandpa, a handsome gentlemen (he often describes himself as smart, sophisticated, handsome and debonair) always had the ladies fawning over him, but never felt any deep connection until he met my grandma (he was a man in uniform after all). He found himself even more interested in photography then ever before, which gave him excuses to visit Katz Drugstore’s camera department. She was reluctant to date at first (he was 8 years her senior), but he persisted and persisted and finally got his way! Nine months later, six days after she graduated high school and twenty two days after she turned 18, they married on May 24, 1958 at Star Chapel Methodist Church in St. Joseph, Missouri which was followed by a cake and punch reception in the church’s basement.

My grandparents have lived a very fulfilled life. Shortly after they married, my grandpa enlisted in the Marine Corp and they traveled together all over the country, from Missouri to North Carolina to Hawaii to San Diego—where they eventually stayed put, and where I grew up. They had three children, all of whom who had three children, and they now have three great-grandchildren (they are my brother’s kids, and no we’re not having three kids, we have three dogs!). They valued family and their careers. They worked hard and eventually, when they both retired, decided to take their RV across the country (even through Canada and Mexico!). I have so much love and admiration for them. For everything they’ve been through together (Vietnam and the Korean War, for example), they’ve stayed together for over 60 years and are more in love now then ever.

My grandpa is such a romantic! To this day he still dotes on my grandma. He still calls her his “bride” (swoooon). He sings and hums about her everyday, usually when he’s in the shower, or working on chores around the house (I wish I had a video to share, it’s beautiful). He’s told me on numerous occasions that he absolutely cannot live without her. She’s been cutting and “fixing” his hair for the past 30+ years. She makes sure he takes his medicine and cooks all his meals. They take care of each other in every sense of the meaning. They’ve set the bar high and I can only hope my marriage is as good as theirs. They are what true love is all about and I couldn’t be more proud to be their grand-daughter. They truly are one-of-a-kind and I know I am truly blessed to have them and witness their love.

So here are some of their wedding photos and a clip of their cake cutting ceremony. Can you believe the dresses my grandma made her bridesmaids wear? Those hats! I love seeing my great-grandpa walking her down the aisle, but more then anything the snippet of their cake-cutting ceremony and their happiness looks the exact same to me today. They are magic, my magic. And I’m so happy to share their love with you today!







That smile! She still blushes like that today.


If you’ve recently gone through your parents’ or grandparents’ archive and albums and want to share their story, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

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