Vintage Bride :: Wedding During The Great Depression


Marie & Walter Thompson.  Reno, Nevada.

Today’s Vintage Bride was submitted by a reader!  Says Gloria, “My great-grandparents, Marie and Walter Thompson, eloped sometime in 1930 in Reno, Nevada. Both of them were too poor to have a wedding after the depression and there isn’t much to their wedding beyond that. They stayed together for around 45 years until Marie died in 1987. I always loved my great grandmothers’ shoes here (and yes that is a fox fur!) and how dapper my great grandpa looks.

My mom has told me stories about them, not their wedding, but their marriage (which is the best part anyway!). Here’s one of my favorites:

So, they had this gal they went to church with and she knew Walt was married but kept on flirting with him anyway. One day, she asked my Great Grandpa to come over for dinner. What does he do? He goes home and tells My Great Grandma, “Hey, so-n-so asked me to come over for dinner! Want to come?” and they show up to this woman’s house together! The woman from church had the table set for just two and it was all romantic. I’m guessing that she stopped flirting with Walt after that. :)

My mom told me one of the things she remembered when hanging out at her grandparent’s house was how they would go to bed super early. My mom used to try to eavesdrop on what they were saying before bed, and she said all they would be doing is talking. Laughing. Until they fell asleep they just talked to each other. She always thought having someone like that to talk and laugh with at the end of every day would be something very special.”

In case you’re the sentimental type like us, Gloria included a copy of Marie & Walter’s Western Union telegram announcing their marriage to their family! How sweet.

western union telegram


Thank you Gloria for sharing your great-grandparents story with us! Interested in sharing your Vintage Bride story with us?  Send us an email and photo to SUBMISSIONS@SNIPPETANDINK.COM!

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