Vintage Ring Round-Up

There are so many beautiful engagement rings out there, but some of my very favorites are vintage or antique. My own engagement ring is a garnet cocktail ring from the 1920’s, and I love that no one else has anything like it. (Being eco-friendly was an added bonus of going with something vintage.) Not everyone has a family heirloom ring to pass down, but the internet makes it insanely easy to find beautiful antique bling (I could spend hours browsing 1stdibs). Anyway, I have a folder of pretties that I’ve bookmarked, and thought it would be fun to share them with you…

From left: {Art Deco cushion cut diamond ring surrounded by French-cut sapphires.} {Edwardian freshwater natural pearl ring with diamonds.}
Clockwise from top left: {1940’s yellow sapphire ring with diamonds.} {1920’s rose cut diamond ring with European cut accent diamonds.} {Victorian sapphire and diamond ring.} {Victorian natural pearl ring with diamonds.}
Clockwise from top left: {Art Deco cushion cut diamond and sapphire ring.} {1920’s Old European cut diamond ring with sapphire baguettes.} {Art Deco platinum and diamond ring with emerald accents.} {Art Deco French mine cut diamond ring.} {Edwardian diamond engagement ring.}


Don’t you love them?! Are you hoping for (or wearing) a vintage engagement ring? Do you prefer unexpected stones or classic diamonds?


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  • i have my grandmother’s engagement ring. yellow gold, emerald cut center stone, trillion cut stones on either side. i love it. unique and sentimental :)

  • I love vintage jewelry! I am hoping for an unexpected stone for my engagement ring. I also have my great grandmother’s ring which is an oval ruby center stone set in yellow gold with 2 diamonds on either side. great post!

  • SandyPants says:

    {LOVE} them!! I was just explainging to the Mister what kind of ring I wanted and this is right up my alley :) Now I can just send him this one link :)

  • GORGEOUS! my mom has an art deco ring with sapphire baguettes on the side… i’ve loved it for years. xoxo jillian

  • Julie says:

    I ADORE the yellow sapphire ring. So unique and I think vintage jewelry is so much more interesting! My husband bought me a new ring in a very vintage style that I hope to pass on one day.

  • Thanks for reminding us all about the value of vintage rings! Both my fiancee and I purchased vintage rings for our upcoming wedding – I now wear the most beautiful Art Deco diamond and sapphire starburst ring purchased from Sheila Goldfinger (who is on Sheila comes HIGHLY recommended for anyone in the market. We then purchased our vintage wedding bands from Wanna Buy a Watch in Los Angeles. We are so happy with our unique pieces; it doesn’t hurt that it’s the most eco-friendly purchase one could make! Thanks, Snippet and Ink, for featuring these!

  • I simply adore vintage rings! My fiance and I used the stones from a family ring to create my engagement ring…and it is a sapphire. I just love it!

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous rings that you posted!

  • ooh ooh! i definitely want an antique estate ring for my engagement. i’m in love with the french cut one with sapphires, the yellow sapphire one, and that perfect round Edwardian diamond. of course when we actually looked for a ring, the simplest ones with a round center stone bedecked by pretty baguettes were my favorite. but i love them all!

  • That pearl!!! I had a pearl ring from my grandma, but went with a 1930s diamond from my husbands family. But pearls have a special place in my heart. So lovely.

  • These vintage beauts are so lovely! I ended up with the best of both worlds: my finacé proposed with a blue-sapphire ring he custom designed and then a few months later he surprised me with a trip to NYC where we picked out an antique diamond ring together. I simply adore spotting vintage and antique finds around the internet even though I’ve already got my rings. :)

  • Kenya says:

    I love vintage rings! Unique and meaningful. I’m wearing my grandmother’s ring – 1940’s European cut with a three prong setting on the corners. I like knowing that no one else has my exact ring and that my grandmother wore it too!

  • Joell says:

    I have a single solitaire. The band is new but the diamond is from my fiance’s great grandmother’s engagement ring. It is a beautiful Old European Cut. I am absolutely thrilled with it!

  • Katie says:

    My fiance had a custom three stone ring with a diamond in the center and sapphires on the sides. I’ve always wanted a vintage ring so we purchased my wedding band from an antique jeweler. It’s a 1940’s diamond anniversary band and I love it!

  • A lot of pretty ring designs have definitely come out lately, and I’m loving everything I see here! :) I still have a slight bias for anything that comes with a blue stone, though. :P

  • I may be the only girl in the world who does not like diamonds…at all. I want to be given a monogram signet ring with my future initials for an engagement gift, and be given a simple vintage oval opal ring with yellow gold band for my wedding ring…and not a fire opal…the whitest opal you can find. Different yes, but what I have wanted for years. However, your pearl ring is gorgeous!

  • Wow, they’re all beautiful, but I love the “1920’s Rose Cut Diamond” ring. My engagement ring is an eternity band. I didn’t want anything that would snag on fabric–but I do prefer vintage engagement rings. I find most contemporary rings are too gaudy.

  • Keira says:

    I love vintage rings! Mine is my great great great grandmother’s Old European cut engagement ring from the 1800’s with filigree around the diamond. :)

  • Keira says:

    I love vintage rings! Mine is my great great grandmother’s Old European cut engagement ring from the 1800’s with filigree around the diamond. :)

  • these rings are gorgeous!
    unfortunately i lost my original wedding ring,which was quite pretty…i went 3 years with a replacement silver band because i couldnt find anything that inspired me or measured up… but then last year we found a beautiful art deco ring from the 1920s and i feel it is the perfect style for me. you can see a pic here:

    thanks for sharing your finds!

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