Wedding Photojournalism from Beck Diefenbach

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There are so many styles of wedding photography, and photojournalism is one of my favorites. And today I get to introduce you to one of our newest sponsors, Beck Diefenbach, who approaches wedding photography with a storyteller’s eye…

Beck understands and appreciates his role in documenting such an important day. As he says: “Your wedding day is so much more than a day. It’s the beginning of the story of the rest of your life. The latest chapter in your personal journey of life and love, it’s a day you will never forget.”

Beck Diefenbach┬áis based in San Francisco, but he’s available to travel, so no matter where you’re getting married, Beck can be your photographer! Want more? Check out Beck’s website for even more of his wedding work!


This post sponsored by Beck Diefenbach.


  • what beautiful shots! i wasn’t entirely happy with my wedding photos, they seemed to be missing something… something i couldn’t quite put my finger on until you nailed it. i am a HUGE fan of stories, fairytales, details, romance… our wedding had the feel that i just described, but our photographer did not capture it the way i’d hoped. “through a storyteller’s eye”… i love that term. wish i’d thought of that, to let our photographer know exactly what we wanted. i love the shot from afar of the ceremony…. can i get a do over, just for the photos!!! haha :) thanks for sharing!

  • I’m thrilled that my wedding photographer uses ‘wedding journalism’. It was definitely something I was looking for. He’s fantastic and I can’t wait for him to shoot our photos.


  • Photo journalism definitely adds the “something more” that brides see at every turn. Unfortunately not every bride knows how to evaluate a wedding photographer based on what they’re looking for. Beck definitely does an awesome job at it!

  • adayofbliss says:

    Yes, he did really awesome job. He took almost all the photographs of the wedding and really all are very nice. Each and every bridle want to keep her special moments of wedding.

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