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A wedding is a tradition in and of itself, but within a wedding there are many opportunities for a couple to connect to their history, heritage, family, and values. We’re excited about our new series, Wedding Traditions, where real brides and grooms share the traditions they included in their big day, and what the tradition means to them.

jeremy harwell; farm wedding; family farm wedding; southern wedding; georgia wedding; bridal party drinking buried bourbon;

Photography by Jeremy Harwell.

Says bride Rosie, “We buried a bottle of bourbon at the wedding site exactly a month before the wedding, which is meant to guarantee good weather. We dug it up right after the ceremony, and drank it with our friends and family. It worked!”

jeremy harwell; farm wedding; family farm wedding; southern wedding; georgia wedding; bridal party drinking buried bourbon;

See Rosie & Jay’s wedding RIGHT HERE.

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Photography: Jen Fariello.

From bride, Kathleen: “We knew from the outset we’d want to honor the tradition of burying the bourbon– it’s something my family has shared with lots of friends over the years, including lots who had never heard of it and would invariably put their own spin on it, all with a perfect track record at good weather. Unfortunately, our schedules weren’t going to permit Cody and I to get from Houston, where we live, to Charlottesville, where the wedding was, a month before the wedding but my mom and her best friend Pat were at the ready to step in for us.

Exactly a month before the wedding they drove up to Keswick Hall, where the wedding reception was to be held, and buried a bottle of bourbon Cody and I had sent– my mom was insistent we needed to have bought it/touched it/prayed over it or else the “juju” would be all off. Then Lucy and Ethel, I mean, my mom and Pat, decided they should really double their efforts and bury some bourbon at the University Chapel since that’s where the ceremony was to be held. So off they went, except that when they went to bury what they thought was bourbon they realized it was actually Jim Beam brand bbq sauce. Turns out, BBQ sauce is the added ingredient you need to not only ensure no rain but to get the absolutely perfect spring day– we couldn’t have asked for better weather!”

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  • This old southern tradition is so much fun and is a great way to give the groom something kind of manly to participate in day-of. We’ve been seeing a lot of bourbon bars recently and love using them to create another vingette for guests to mingle in.

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