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A wedding is a tradition in and of itself, but within a wedding there are many opportunities for a couple to connect to their history, heritage, family, and values. We’re excited about our new series, Wedding Traditions, where real brides and grooms share the traditions they included in their big day, and what the tradition means to them.


Photography by Casto Photo and Cinema.


An excerpt from Hibah & Timothy’s officiant: “I now ask you to exchange the garlands you’re wearing. This signifies your acceptance of one another exactly as you stand here today. As you exchange garlands, you promise not seek to change one another, but to help one another grow, thrive, and become truer versions of yourselves.”

Bride Hibah also explains the meaning behind participating in this Tradition: “In addition to the symbolic value described the vows, we chose to incorporate the garland exchange in our ceremony because it’s a South Asian tradition, and I loved the idea of sharing a custom with my mother and her mother before her. My life is so different from theirs in so many ways, but sharing this ritual was a way to bridge the gap between our lives and experiences.”

See Hibah & Timothy’s wedding right here.


Did you include any meaningful traditions in your wedding? Send us a pic and a paragraph at HELLO@SNIPPETANDINK.COM

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