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A wedding is a tradition in and of itself, but within a wedding there are many opportunities for a couple to connect to their history, heritage, family, and values. We’re excited about our new series, Wedding Traditions, where real brides and grooms share the traditions they included in their big day, and what the tradition means to them.

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Photography: Jeremy Harwell // Event Planning & Design: Kristen J. Scott Events

Today’s wedding tradition comes from bride Sherrill, she says: “Including the rosary beads into the marriage ceremony is a Spanish tradition that our priest shared with us and it really spoke to us. During the ceremony the priest wraps the beads around the bride and groom’s wrists as a symbolic gesture. The rosary’s loop represents a love which should bind a couple together as they equally share the responsibility of marriage each and every day of their lives.

My parents purchased the rosary while in Rome and had it blessed in the Sistine Chapel. They gifted it to us which, obviously, made it extra special.”


Do you have a tradition you’d like to send us?  Email us with a photo and your story. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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